Build Notes 1.1.338 - June 23, 2015

Hello Bannermen!

Dragon Week has come to an end! Congratulations to our new mothers and fathers of dragons, who hatched over 1,000 dragons last week! Amazing!

Our next tale will be King in the North and will start tomorrow, Wednesday June 24th at 11am EDT (15:00 UTC). Join Robb Stark, the Young Wolf of Winterfell, on his journey to call his banners, capture the Kingslayer in the Battle of the Whispering Woods, and become King in the North!

There are so many new things with this build, it’s hard to know where to start!

—New “Produce X” Upgrades.
—Filtering for our web player’s Storage.
—The King in the North Tale.
—Updated Daily Rewards.
—And so much more!

This week and next will be quiet as we gear up for Breaking Ties, our next original volume of quests in game. The first chapter of Breaking Ties will be released on Monday, July 6th: As the power of the Great Houses crumbles, begin an all-new original storyline as you ask the question—how much loyalty do you really owe your liege lord?

Other Improvements:
- Content, items, and recipes for our fifth Tale, King in the North, are now live! New shop packs for the King in the North Tale will be coming out this week, as will new offers.
- Dragon week continues … forever! Due to the overwhelmingly positive response from our players, we’re keeping the dragon recipe timer reduction in place. Happy hatching!
- All buildings except the Village Center, Great Hall, and Dragon Pit have new, “Produce X” premium upgrades. They are 3 levels, and allow you to make up to 4 items in a row! For full details on this change, please read the forum thread here. Unlock the upgrades and start making four items, today!
- GoTA’s Daily Rewards have been updated! Rather than boons and a few small speedups, you’ll be able to acquire rare items and seals, silver, and a guaranteed 5 gold with each week that you play! Full details on the changes may be found in this forum thread.
- Added filtering to your Storage for our web players! iOS and Android players will start seeing filtering in future builds.
- All crafted Common and Uncommon items no longer have a chance to receive an affix, and gems cannot be used in their production. For a full discussion of the issue that prompted this change, please read the forum thread here. Common and Uncommon items that already have affixes will retain those affixes.
- Craft production stats that give a higher chance of affixes now say “rare or better” items.
- The Justice to Terror spoil conversion recipes have returned, and can be run again.
- The “Enemies Closer” quest has been removed for new players, and has been expired from existing player’s quests. This is due to the hiatus in AvA, which made the quest impossible to complete.
- Tales vigor maximum has been changed from 60 vigor to 80 vigor.
- Fixed the funky buff and debuff of the same type for Dragon Queen. The next time we run that Tale, those buffs will be fixed.
- Added in a new cutscene for Breaking Ties. You’ll get to see it soon!

Known Issues:
- The Stark Direwolf currently shows an increase to Intrigue attack speed; this should be Trade attack speed, and will be changed in next week’s build.
- Android players will not see the new premium building upgrades yet.
- After enabling a tactic to produce two items at the smithy, embassy, or market, players need to refresh to see the Produce 2 button.
- Alliance Message of the Day requires two line breaks for a break, and three for a blank line.
- Boons are currently not available on Quests on Android.
- Players should not reincarnate while being active in Alliance Challenges that they initiated.
- Clicking “Set Best” on Adventure Parties will not work unless you have an Adventure selected. Once an Adventure is selected, it will work correctly. This is because it needs an Adventure to compare itself to.
- The lorebook is incorrectly displaying some volumes as complete for some players.

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