Build Notes 1.1.155 - September 16, 2013

Build # 1.1.155

Hello Bannermen!

Today we have our weekly content build for September 16, 2013. Learn of Ser Deityr’s royal-sanctioned shenanigans in the second half of Volume You, Part 7: Ser Deityr’s Ascendancy!

In our new item pack, Cruelty of a King, you can don the armor and raiments of Joffrey, the King we all love to hate!  Get an extra bonus in PtP with “Hearteater,” Joffrey’s Valyrian Steel blade, or don Joffrey’s Armor and travel in style across Westeros in the Royal Palanquin.

This week, we have more of the most popular items in three new packs - Superior Weapons, Superior Armor, and Superior Companions. Within these packs you’ll find fan favorites like Bronn’s Sword & Armor, Daario’s Curved Blade, and the Ironborn Sailor. Grab them while you can!

We also heard you asking for more variety in the shop. With this build, you’ll find new store items for weapons, armor, and companions from previous packs. Check out the game notes for details!

Additional Game Notes:

- Journey through Volume You with the second half of Volume You, Part 7: No Honor In Chains. Along with the new content, party like royalty with the Cruelty of a King pack.
- Fixed issue with double-quote character appearing incorrectly in the chat system.
- Fixed chat display for players who have an apostrophe in their name.
- Added the following items to be always available in shop: Daario’s Straight Blade, Greatjon Umber’s Bare Steel, Daenarys Targaryen’s Silver Horse, and King Robert’s Armor.
- Added the following items to be randomly available in shop: Bear, Hidden Crossbow, Blackfish Armor, Stag, and Davos’s Luck.
- Made some shop companions randomly available that had previously always been available in the shop.
- Removed the following items from shop: Rainbow Guard Cloak, Ocean Armor.
- Minor image fixes.

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