Build Notes 1.1.156 - September 24, 2013

Build # 1.1.156

Happy Tuesday, Bannermen! We have an enormous update for you today, with changes to Alliances, Item Enhancement, the Tyrell fealty, new character portraits, and more!

Season You, Chapter 8A has arrived! This build includes the first half of Volume You, Part 8: Secrets and Swords. Continue following the scurrying sounds of slander and spying as you delve deeper into the dark depths of Volume You. Along with the new content is a new item pack, “Foreign Magics,” where you can pick up a deadly Sorcerer, a pet Manticore, and a Mysterious Crate. Check them out today!

Keep your eyes out for our next build! Rumor says it will be a big one as well ...

Item Enhancement is here! Read the blog post here for all of the information about Item Enhancement.

In addition to item Enhancement, we have set up three shop packs for our players who want to hit Item Enhancement running. The Grand Battle contains battle-oriented seals and equipment, while The Profitable Trade and The Subtle Intrigue do the same for trade and intrigue seals and items. Of course, what would a new pack be without something completely different? In each of the packs is a permanent sworn sword, with item enhancement slots already unlocked! Equip your seals and start smashing your foes with one of the three packs. Please note that the seals purchased in the packs are not permanent, and will be destroyed when you reincarnate unless you slot them into a permanent item.

Yesterday, we showed some promotional screen shots that had item renaming for one gold. After doing a final pass on the system in preparation for today’s build, we increased the amount for renaming an item to two gold. We apologize for any miscommunication around this. We felt that making the change now, before the system is live, would be better than making the change in a future build. Changing renaming to two gold fits in with the cost of unlocking seal slots, and still allows any player to rename an item with the gold they receive after paying for seven days in a row.

We have revamped the Alliance UI! We have completely revamped the Alliance UI, adding a number of features to the existing UI and making significant changes to how Alliances are managed. This is in preparation for Alliance vs. Alliance combat, which we are aiming to have out and in front of our players by the end of September.

- The Alliance UI has been completely revamped to better accommodate Challenges, Diplomacy, and future Alliance vs. Alliance functionality.
- Alliance leaders may now configure permissions for their Officers and Members. Those permissions include the ability to kick members, start Alliance challenges, build and contribute to camps when Alliance vs. Alliance begins, and propose diplomatic ties.
- Alliances that have the same name as other Alliances will be required to change their name if they were not the first Alliance to have that name. There are exceptions put into place if the older Alliance(s) are under a 10 member threshold, in which case the oldest Alliance above that threshold will be allowed to keep their Alliance name. If you are the oldest Alliance with that name, you will not need to change your name.
- Alliance chat now persists through all screens of the new Alliance UI.
- Alliances may now set a Message of the Day for their Alliance. This Message of the Day can use line breaks and can contain plenty of text and instructions.
- Alliances may now enter into diplomatic arrangements with each other. By setting other Alliances as enemies or friends, you will be able to better target or coordinate with each other when Alliance vs. Alliance combat is rolled out. While the number of friends is limited, the number of enemies is unlimited. Use this time to shore up diplomatic ties with your friends! Please note that you may find diplomatic options on an Alliance’s page by clicking on a member, then clicking on their Alliance. A more comprehensive way to enter into diplomatic ties will be coming when Alliance vs. Alliance combat is fully deployed.

The Tyrells are here! Players may choose to pledge fealty to the mighty Tyrells and rest at Highgarden when they visit their liege lords. Margaery, Loras, and Lady Olenna welcome you to their great house. Along with Tyrell, a large number of Tyrell-specific quests, achievements, and other content have been added to the game.

- Over a hundred new quests only available to Tyrell players!
- New bonus quests and adventures for the Tyrells!
- New art for the Tyrells!
- New achievements for Tyrell players!
- A new fealty building for Tyrell players!
- And many other little Tyrell tidbits that we have added to the game.

New character portraits for our players have been added to the game! You asked and we delivered. All of the new character portraits will be available for selection when choosing a new character, either by starting a new account, restarting your character, or pursuing a new incarnation.

Other changes:

- Player storage is now paginated and has a page button! Join us in rejoicing about this rejoiceful event.
- Seals are now stored in their own tab in a player’s Storage.
- Fixed a bug where exiling a sworn sword was sometimes not giving back items equipped to that sworn sword.
- Fixed a quest blocker for Volume 1, Chapter 5 (The Stag and Lion).
- Fixed a quest pre-req causing anyone starting Vol 3 to see a copy of the first quest.
- Fixed an issue where boons had too verbose of a description.
- Text edits to Fire and Ravens, Launcil’s Invitation, The Lady of Spears, and Ser Hugo’s introduction.
- New recipes have been introduced to produce seals in item Enhancement.
- Added several missing quest images.
- Upon login, the last 100 Alliance Chat messages are now displayed, instead of the last 10.
- A character’s Alliance now shows on their Character Sheet.
- Added a shareable Alliance invite URL for players, similar to what Kongregate and Facebook already had.
- Minor text and image updates.

Item Enhancement Known Issues
- Players may see an issue where the correct rarity gem isn’t displaying for seals when applied to an item.
- Players may not slot seals during a Boss Challenge, Quest, or Player to Player Action.
- If a player renames an item and receives an error, players may not click on an item in the storage without closing and reopening the storage.
- When renaming or applying a seal on a stack of items, the item equipped to your character is modified, not an item on the stack.
- There are currently no sound effects for flipping the item card or applying a seal.

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