Build Notes 1.1.159 - October 3, 2013

Build # 1.1.159

Hello Bannermen!

Today’s build features some more bug fixes, and support for a new place to play Game of Thrones Ascent: Armor Games! We’ll be announcing when the game is ready to be played on the Armor Games website. We also have some significant bugfixes, with a better way to view stats and a fix for achievements that were not being awarded properly. Lastly, we have some bugfixes related to Item Enhancement.

Additional game improvements:
—Item stats have been greatly improved! We heard your complaints that item stats were confusing and wordy, and we have made a significant effort to show item stats in a smarter way.
—Seal drop rates have been adjusted. You are now much more likely to see Harass seals from Harass actions, Aid seals from Aid actions, etc. The base drop rate of seals has not been changed.
—Implemented a fix for awarding achievements that were not awarding previously. Please note that this is not retroactive: achievements that were not working should work in the future, but you will need to achieve them a second time for it to register.
—Changed the way seals display when equipping them to Sworn Swords.
—Fixed how seals display in front of the Apply Seal window.
—Fixed an issue where character stats were not updating until items with seals were unequipped and re-equipped.
—Fixed an issue with random PtP target selection.
—Image fixes.
—Typo fixes to a dozen quests.
—And more!

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