Build Notes 1.1.160 - October 4, 2013

Build # 1.1.160

Hello Bannermen!

Today we have a large build for you, with our Alliance vs. Alliance system being released! Make sure to read over the blog post detailing the changes here:

The Alliance vs. Alliance system has three core features:

The War Map is where you will see all participating Alliances as well as their victory point totals. You can click through the different regions to see which regions am Alliance is active in. You can also look at the total rankings for all regions. From the war map you may choose which Alliance to take action on, who to friend or attack, and look at their Alliance details.

The second part of Alliance vs. Alliance combat is the camp feature. Camps are build up in different sub-regions and provide bonuses to attack, garrisons of sworn swords, and victory points. Camps may be attacked, damaged, and upgraded.

Lastly, we have implemented a phase system where rewards are granted every phase. These rewards are given to Alliances that do well in each phase of Alliance vs Alliance combat. Phases reset after a period of time, which is typically 30 days. After each phase, rewards reset, camps are cleared, and victory points drop to zero.

Alliance vs. Alliance Known Issues

—The camp provisions window does not state how many of an item were added.
—[Send Help] button on Alliance chat doesn’t work with AvA.
—AvA actions do not show up in the camp activity window until the action is completed.
—Upgrade timer on a camp does not count down unless the the camp window is refreshed.
—Sworn Swords take no wounds when garrisoning a camp.
—All garrisoned Sworn Swords show as common rarity, even when they are rare, peerless, or legendary.
—Garrison tab in a camp does not display when camp is upgraded from level 0 to level 1 without refreshing page.
—Clicking the X (close) button on the War Map listings is non-functional.

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