Build Notes 1.1.157 - September 27, 2013

Build # 1.1.157

Good morning, Bannerman! We hope you are enjoying the new features we added to Game of Thrones Ascent on Tuesday! This morning, we pushed a build with several fixes for you. This includes a fix so that higher level players will have a less difficult time winning seals!

Please continue to send bug reports to so we can continue to make improvements!

Additional Game Notes:

- Adjusted awarding of seals in Player-to-Player
—- If you are level 149 or below, the other player may not be less than 5 levels below you in order for you to gain a seal.
—- If you are level 150-249, then a successful PtP action against any player with level above 145 may grant you a seal.
—- If you are level 250+, then a successful PtP action against any player level 200 or above may grant you a sea.

- Fixed an issue where new Tyrells were not granted the free first talent point in their fealty talent.
- Changed Tyrell fealty talent name from “Kings of the Reach” to “Stewards of the Reach”.
- Changed name of Standard Bearers companion to Standard Carrier (producible in the Arbor).
- Fix for loot table of one Tyrell adventure.
- Added horizontal border image for Tyrells.

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