Build Notes 1.1.163 - October 11, 2013

Build # 1.1.163

Hello Bannermen!

This afternoon we have a bugfix build for you, containing several fixes to Alliance vs. Alliance combat and a few other quality of life fixes. Check out the bugfixes below!

Additional game improvements:

—The Keep now remembers what page you were on after sending out a Sworn Sword. The last page will persist until you close and reopen the keep.
—Fixed a bug where an Alliance could reach 501 participants (but not more than 501). If your Alliance was affected by this, we’re allowing you to have 501 until the end of this phase.
—Fixed a bug where Alliance challenges could disappear from the Alliance screen.
—Fixed a bug where players could exceed their available command points in AvA. Please note that this will fail silently if you exceed your command points; no notification will be given if you are out of Command Points.
—Modified the rules for Bribe and Aid actions in AvA.  Now, a “successful” bribe or aid will result in double the benefit (2% of the speed or repair effect), and an unsuccessful bribe or aid will still be 1% (instead of failing completely). It’s intended that bribe and aid get harder to do against more powerful camps, and hence require more powerful initiators, but we felt that these helpful actions should have a beneficial effect even when failing.
—Fixed a bug where some players were unable to buy the sale packs.
—Fixed a bug where completing “The First Meeting” was not possible for some players.

Known Issues:

General Known Issues:
- When joining an Alliance, the (x) button to close the window may be overlaid by the UI. Joining an Alliance or refreshing the game will resolve the issue.
- Alliance name verification does not trigger a message when verification fails.
- Some stats are not remaining consistent when an attack is initiated resulting in a poorer-than-expected win ratio.
- Some permanent talents not related to unlocking buildings or stats may not be working. We are aware and will be fixing in a future update.
- Reincarnation causes the Daily Reward counter to reset, players are advised to wait until they have collected their 7th day reward before reincarnating.
- If a Boss Challenge is not completed within the time limit, the Reward is lost, though a bug still displays the expected reward in the “Rewards & Rankings” screen.
- Players engaged in PtP may see sworn swords assigned to defense when the sworn swords are not, in fact, assigned to defense. These sworn swords may be harmed as a result of PtP.
- Players trying to assign sworn swords to defend may incorrectly receive the message “There is already a Sworn Sword assigned to this job”.

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