Build Notes 1.1.165 - October 18, 2013

Build # 1.1.165

Hello Bannermen!

This afternoon, we have a bugfix build aimed primarily at Alliance vs. Alliance combat. Today’s build addresses several bugs that were discovered this week, as well as a few other fixes we managed to sneak in. We’ll have your regularly-scheduled content build next week, same GoTA time, same GoTA station.

Have a great weekend!

Bugixes and Improvements:

—Fixed an issue where level 20 camps were unviewable in the Camps window. Level 20 camps should now correctly display and be interacted with.
—Fixed an issue where camps would not begin an upgrade when an attack contributed enough silver to start the upgrade. This will not retroactively fix camps, but will fix camps going forward.
—Added the original, non-discounted price for an item pack in the pack details.
—Fixed an issue for Sworn Sword stats decrementing incorrectly when being replaced. Sworn Sword stats were decrementing a single point upon death, and not touching secondary skills at all. Sworn Swords now first lose two points in their primary stats, and if they have no more primary stats (Battle, Trade, Intrigue) to lose, begin to lose secondary stats (% Bonuses) as well.
—Added a new type of cooldown for Sworn Swords who have been buried or replaced. This should fix the issue where replaced Sworn Swords were showing as doing the last action they were on before dying.
—Fixed an Item Rename issue.
—Fixed an issue where dead Sworn Swords could be garrisoned in a camp. That’s just unhygenic!
—Reworked Sworn Sword experience gain so that odd-numbered levels are now calculating correctly.
—Fixed an issue with quest difficulty for the quest “Crows on the Field.”

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