Build Notes 1.1.164 - October 15, 2013

Build # 1.1.163

Hello Bannermen!

Tonight we have our content build for this week, containing the second half of Volume You, Part 9: A Matter for Nobles. New quests, new intrigue, and new suspense await in our latest Volume You quests!

In addition to our content changes, we have some new things for you in the store. First up, we have a pack for fans of Renly Baratheon, containing Renly’s Armor and Brienne’s Armor, as well as some other suitably Baratheon items. We also have a random seal pack, giving you a chance at acquiring Legendary seals! Don’t worry, you’re guaranteed at least one rare seal each time you buy one.

Lastly, we have some good bugfixes in this build for you, which should make AvA a bit easier for our players.

Thanks for reading, and check out the build!

Additional game improvements:

—A new pack has arrived! “The Younger Stag” is full of Renly Baratheon goodness, so you can proclaim your Baratheon fealties to the whole world.
—A new Mystery Seal pack has been added to the store! Grab it for cheap and see if you can get a legendary seal!
—Fixed an issue where some boss challenges were showing up as boss quests.
—Adventures now have a “Repeat Adventure” option. After successfully completing an adventure, you may choose to repeat the adventure by clicking the button. Failed adventures may not be repeated automatically, to give you time to heal or change your Sworn Sword.
—Sworn Swords that receive five wounds will no longer be in the defense rotation for AvA camps.
—Sworn Swords that receive five wounds will be removed from a Camp garrison.
—A “Contact Leader” button now appears on the Alliance Details page for an Alliance.
—A “Send a Raven” button now appears when viewing another player’s profile.
—The Engage button now appears when viewing the details of an Alliance.
—Purchases of packs from the shop now have an option to buy another of the same pack.
—Fixed an issue where rolling the exact percentage needed to win an attack against an Alliance Camp failed when the attack was not 96+.

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