Build Notes 1.1.167 - October 29, 2013

Build # 1.1.167

Hello Bannermen!

Welcome to your Tuesday content build! This week we have the second half of Volume You, Part 10: Strange Wine, as well as item packs reminiscent of a certain holiday full of disguises and things that go bump in the night. Get the party started by decking out your Sworn Swords with the Grand Masque pack, featuring Masks, Body Paint and the Reveller companion. Go door-to-door and collect the new Bag of Tricks and Bag of Treats seals packs, then mash some monsters with the Night’s Terrors pack, featuring Grumpkins, Snarks, and seals from the Night’s Watch!

While you’re here, we would like to address some questions about the end of the Owl Phase in Alliance versus Alliance (AvA). Here is upcoming schedule:

—The Owl Phase will end at 10/30/13 6:00pm EDT (3:00pm PDT / 10:00pm UTC).
—At that time, all attacks and camp construction will be locked. All attacks and ongoing camp upgrades will resolve, but you’ll be unable to perform new ones.
—24 hours after the Owl Phase ends, the game will begin calculating the victors.
—Once the calculations are complete, the next phase will begin: The Harvester Phase.
—Once the Harvester phase begins, all Alliance victory points will be reset, all camps will be reset, and any players who should receive a reward will receive them once they log in. A screen will pop up saying that rewards are ready to be claimed.
—Additionally, the victors for the Owl phase will be added to the Phase Victors leaderboard (more on that later).

We are continuing to work on improvements to AvA, and are aiming to roll our first batch out while the Harvester Phase is underway. Please keep the suggestions and feedback coming!

Thanks for reading, and have a great week!

Additional game improvements:
- Fixed issues with the end of phase rewards and leaderboards for the Owl Phase of Alliance vs. Alliance combat.
- End of phase rewards will be distributed to winners upon their first log-in after the Owl Phase is over and rewards have been calculated.
- Phase results will be listed in the Power Leaderboard in a new tab called “Phase Victors.”
- The Power leaderboard now closes if the player selects an alliance from it.
- Fixed an issue with decrementing training points in Harass.
- Streamlined incoming PtP requests to lessen memory impact.
- Various performance improvements.
- Minor text edits and quest fixes.
- And much more!

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