Build Notes 1.1.158 - October 1, 2013

Build # 1.1.158

Hello Bannerman!

Today’s build features some solid bug fixes, new content for the second half of Volume You, Part 8: Blood and Treasure, and new items in the Shop! We continue to test and polish the Alliance versus Alliance system and are aiming to have it for you later this week!

In the meantime, please continue to enjoy augmenting your items and Sworn Swords with seals! Find even more of them now in the Shop, as well as the Tricks and Joke pack, which features such mythical items as Sapphires from Tarth, and the spooky yet powerful companions the Grumpkin and Snark!

Additional game improvements:
- Improved admin tools for Item Enhancements.
- Fixed an issue where some major stats were not displaying on owned items.
- Changed various text associated with Item Enhancements for clarity.
- Added a sound effect for when you flip your item card!
- Changed clickable area for unlocking seal slots to help reduce instances where players accidentally unlock a slot.
- Continued performance improvements.
- Minor text and image edits to various quests.
- And more!

Item Enhancement Known Issues
- Players may see an issue where the correct rarity gem isn’t displaying for seals when applied to an item.
- Players may not slot seals during a Boss Challenge, Quest, or Player to Player Action.
- If a player renames an item and receives an error, players may not click on an item in the storage without closing and reopening the storage.
- When renaming or applying a seal on a stack of items, the item equipped to your character is modified, not an item on the stack.

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