Build Notes 1.1.171 - November 5, 2013

Build # 1.1.171

Good morning, Bannermen!

Welcome to your Tuesday content build!  Today we bring you the first half of Volume You, Part 11: Cut to the Quick!  Additionally, we have a new item pack for you: The Brothers Clegane!  Support the Hound or the Mountain, with items such as the Mountain’s Armor and Lance, or the Hound’s Helmet and Shield.  Get them while you can!

- Implemented two new seal types: Garrison Recovery and Critical Chances!
—- Garrison Recovery seals offer a chance to avoid being used in a Garrison action if the Sworn Sword is at or above a number of wounds.
—- Critical Chances seals grant a chance at a greatly increased percentage of stats in a certain area.
—- Available in AvA rewards or for purchase in two new shop packs!
- Changed display of Diplomatic Victory AvA reward to require participation from a minimum of 5 alliance members
- Various improvements and image fixes.

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