Build Notes 1.1.169 - November 2, 2013

Build # 1.1.169

Hello Bannermen!

This Saturday we have some bugfixes for AvA issues that cropped up last night. We may have another build this weekend as well, to address some more lingering issues. This is a small build specifically targeted at some of the issues we found last night.

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

Additional game improvements:
—Fixed an issue where Owl spoils were dropping instead of Harvesting spoils. Regretfully, we cannot convert the acquired Owl spoils into Harvesting spoils; our players will need to convert them at the Alchemists Guild.
—Fixed an issue where camps were factoring in Phase One camps when calculating price. Camps should now properly calculate costs based on the current phase camps.
—Fixed an issue in the Phase Rewards where the City Repairs was erroneously attributed to the Stormlands, when it should have been the Crownlands.
—Fixed an issue in the Phase Rewards where the #1 Reach reward has too many prizes.

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