Build Notes 1.1.173 - November 13, 2013

Build # 1.1.173

Hello, Bannermen!

Today’s build features our weekly content update!  This build contains the second half of Volume You, Part 11:  The Plunder of House Redthorn.  How will you handle the downfall of House Redthorn?

Please note that we are trying something new with our item pack this week.  The Hearth in the Wilderness pack features one random item from our new pack for the low price of 24 gold!  With 7 items and a 20% chance of a Peerless weapon or armor, why not try your luck and see what you get!  You could walk away with a Night’s Watch Cloak, Sam’s Thimble, Craster’s Hand Axe, and more!

Also, check out our additional packs, The Mountain that Rides, featuring 6 of the Mountain’s items and 3 seals, or House Clegane, with 80% chance of a Clegane seal and 20% chance of a Clegane item! These new packs give you a chance of getting some amazing items for a low price.

Additional Improvements:

—Added Volume You, Part 11 quests and content to the game.
—Added new randomized packs to the store.
—Added the ability to apply blue gems to Quickened Dragon Egg and Baby Dragon recipes, which slightly increases chance to quicken or hatch your Dragon egg!
—Minor quest improvements.

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