Build Notes May 24, 2013

Thank You, Bannermen!

While the show takes a break this weekend, the Disruptor Beam team is pleased to announce a massive new build, our way of saying thanks for supporting us and playing Game of Thrones Ascent!

Featuring a new way to play!
Full screen! No ads! Link your existing account to continue your character on a larger screen, or start a new game from scratch!

Enjoy the following limited time events from May 24 to June 3:
* Send your Sworn Swords on any Adventure and earn Double XP!
* Double Silver rewards for any Volume 3 Adventure!
* Increased odds of receiving uncommon resources from Volume 3 Adventures!
* Now in the Shop, Best of Season 3 items! Now’s your second chance to pick up that Dormant Dragon Egg or Joffrey’s Crossbow! And more!

We are also happy to announce many bug fixes and some oft-requested PvP improvements. And there is more to come very soon! If you have particular issues you would like to see resolved, please report them through our support channels, or tell us about it in the forums at!

Stats Fixes and Improvements:
* Fixed issue where some substats were being added to the base stat, as opposed to being applied as a percentage. Enjoy the as-designed stat increase!
* Any present substat bonuses are now displayed in parenthesis next to the total stat value for each ability on the Stats tab of the character sheet.
* The stats tab now displays stats in the same order as everywhere else: Battle, Trade, Intrigue.
* Fixed issues where equipped items were not contributing substat percentage bonuses to the main character.
* Fixed bug that required the player to make an equipment change (such as equipping a new weapon) before stat bonuses gained from a talent were applied. 
* Fixed double-counting of the attack stat on sworn sword challenge calculations.

PvP Fixes and Improvements:
* New PvP-related achievements!
* Fixed a performance problem in PVP where higher level characters would experience very long delays between selecting a target and seeing the “Player to Player: Engage” screen.
* Spinning Gears will now display while the game is loading an opponent in the PVP system following selection of “Send Out.”
* Fixed issued related to Gears of Doom endlessly spinning when attempting to view PvP results.
* Added a player-facing error message in case a PvP action hasn’t fired within 10 seconds of when it was supposed to.

Additional Bug Fixes and Improvements:
* New results screens! The Rewards screen displays quest, adventure, or PvP rewards. The Challenge Details screen provides a brief mathematical breakdown of how the results were determined!
* Wide-sweeping performance improvements based upon the loading of player data.
* Began to fix issue impacting some players where the screen would scroll up to the top of the screen and refuse to scroll down until reload.
* Fixed issue where player names weren’t appearing on notifications for Kongregate players.
* Fixed issue where “Hoodwink” displayed as the selected action when choosing “Swindle.”
* Adjusted stats for items: Horse Archers, Mummers, Parade Mummers.
* Stat tweaks for items (mostly boons).
* Items that reduce the duration of an adventure will no longer proportionately decrease the XP awarded; the XP gained will be based on the default duration of the adventure.
* Additional admin tools for the Customer Service team.
* Optimized the Daily News screen to display instantaneously.
* Adjusted the value of some Boons.
* Minor text edits and image fixes.
* And much more!

Known Issues:

* Players getting a 500 error or the Fail Krakken should clear cookies and cache, then reload the browser and game.
* Some players who experienced recent account issues may also have trouble porting their game from Facebook to
* Viewing PvP results is difficult for defenders.
* Some Rewards are not appearing in the new Rewards screen.
* The sky may appear black for some players.
* At this time, Alliances will say that you only have 10 Alliance Members, even if you have more. You may also only page through the first 10 Members when looking at the Members Tab. Please rest assured that all Members are in fact in your Alliance, they are merely hidden, and the functionality will be revived as soon as possible.
* The “X” button to close various screens may overlap with the Power leaderboard button and cause undesired behavior. Players can work around this by resizing their window.
* Not all Achievements and Bonus Goals are registering.
* Superior items or items equipped to the player and Sworn Sword *may* be consumed via crafting. If a player does not wish to lose any equipped or superior items to crafting, please avoid crafting such recipes for the time-being.
* If a player accepts multiple friend requests, only the first will appear accepted. This is only a graphical issue, all friend requested are accepted as intended.

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