Build Notes May 30, 2013

Build #: May 30, 2013

Build Notes:

Hello Bannermen!

We have a bevy of bug fixes and improvements for you this fine morning. See below for more details. Thank you for your continued support, and we will see you in Westeros!

PvP Fixes!

The Incoming Attacks screen now shows up to seven current incoming attacks (rather than just the first).

The list of incoming attacks on the Incoming Attacks display now shows the appropriate Battle, Trade or Intrigue icon depending on the particular type of incoming attack.

The “Choose Job” screen for assigning a sworn sword to a defensive PvP position now displays the number of Command Points available. Command Points dictate the amount of Sworn Swords a player can have engaged in PvP at once. Level up to earn more!

Fixed issue where silver sometimes wasn’t being rewarded for a successful PvP action.

The description of the Swindle action now indicates that it “may appear as Barter”.

Fixed issue where Swindle was named Hoodwink on some screens.

More UI improvements for PvP are on the horizon, stay tuned!

Many Stats, Talents, and Bonus fixes!

It is now more difficult to advance in Player Level beyond Level 100. Any player already above Level 100 has received a free +1 to their Level to help them on their way to new heights!

Increase chance of getting uncommon resources in Volume 2 and Volume 3 Adventures.

Adjusted stats to the Ship and Reaving Ship items.

Talents that grant +1 command points (Doom of Valyria, Storm King, etc.) now work as intended.

The Baratheon elite talent “Decree” now provides the intended discount to construction costs.

The Stark elite talent “Bran the Builder” now provides the intended decrease in construction times.

Fixed the stats that grant a decrease in construction time based on specific items based on their type (e.g., the bonus to the construction of Steal items granted by the Shanty’s Tenements or the Workshop’s “Implement Shed”).

Fixed the stats that grant a decrease in the cost of producing certain items based on their type (e.g., the bonus to Steal items granted by the Shanty’s Sourleaf Merchant or the Workshop’s Sturdy Doors).

Fixed issue where bonuses that decrease the time to create a boon were not working.

Fixed bug where the various upgrades on the Godswood that provide a discount to the silver cost of producing boons was not working.

The Draft Horses and Armaments building upgrades now correctly provide the discounts they claim in their descriptions.

The Exchange upgrade at the Marketplace now correctly provides a decrease in the production time for resources.

The descriptions of building upgrades now includes the list of items that may be produced once that upgrade is constructed.

Fixed issue preventing the Return Favor elite talent from being purchased.

When the player has the maximum number of talents allowed, the talent interface no longer displays a “Next:” for that talent as if it were possible to gain another rank of the talent.

Shifted location of some talents on the talents screens.

General Fixes!

Further performance optimizations.

Fixed issue where purchasing an item could result in 5 or more copies of it appearing in the player’s inventory.

Implemented a new dialog that pops when a purchase is made and the server needs time to process the transaction.

Fixed issue where the action timer on boss challenges could become negative.

The sky no longer appears black for in Chrome for Mac users.

When constructing/upgrading a building and the speed-up dialog is open, as soon as the timer reaches 5 minutes the dialog will now refresh so that the free 5-minute speed up option becomes active.

Clarified language on chance of producing fireship in Alchemists Guild.

Clarified language on bonuses provided by Joffrey’s Crossbow.

Minor text edits and quest fixes.

And much more!


Known Issues:

  * Players getting a 500 error or the Fail Krakken should clear cookies and cache, then reload the browser and game.

  * Some players who experienced recent account issues may also have trouble porting their game from Facebook to

  * Viewing PvP results is difficult for defenders.

  * Some Rewards are not appearing in the new Rewards screen.

  * At this time, Alliances will say that you only have 10 Alliance Members, even if you have more. You may also only page through the first 10 Members when looking at the Members Tab. Please rest assured that all Members are in fact in your Alliance, they are merely hidden, and the functionality will be revived as soon as possible.

  * The “X” button to close various screens may overlap with the Power leaderboard button and cause undesired behavior. Players can work around this by resizing their window.

  * Not all Achievements and Bonus Goals are registering for players.

  * Superior items or items equipped to the player and Sworn Sword *may* be consumed via crafting. If a player does not wish to lose any equipped or superior items to crafting, please avoid crafting such recipes for the time-being.

  * If a player accepts multiple friend requests, only the first will appear accepted. This is only a graphical issue, all friend requested are accepted as intended.

For more known issues, please see this thread:

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