Build Notes 1.1.120 - June 3, 2013

Build #: 1.1.120

Build Notes

Hello Bannermen!

Hopefully you have recovered enough from this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, “The Rains of Castamere,” to play through its events with our ninth episodic content drop for Volume 3! Or you can take out any extra emotions you have on other players through our multitude of improvements to PvP! All players who have completed the Prologue can access Volume 3 by clicking the “III” icon above the Quest Panel.

Enjoy the new quests, new items,  new adventures, and bug fixes, and come back next week for Episode 10!

- Dozens of new quests and adventures featuring the events, people and places of Season 3, Episode 9 and George R.R. Martin’s A Storm of Swords! You saw it on Sunday, now play it on Monday!
- Now in the shop – Equip yourself or your Sworn Swords with wedding outfits, hidden armaments or one of three musician companions!
- Plus many performance enhancements and bug fixes, including several improvements to PvP!

PvP Updates:
- The “Incoming!” PvP button now has a permanent place on the HUD above the Sworn Swords, and is called “Player to Player” to reflect the fact that some of our PvP actions are beneficial to both parties. This button appears once players hit level 5.
- Implemented a new tabs on the PvP screen: “Target” tab allows players to see more information about PvP targets at a glance, including Alliance.
- The PvP “Incoming” tab now also shows a maximum of previously completed incoming PVP attacks, allowing players to review results of completed PvP attacks from other players.
- The PvP “Outgoing” tab shows any Sworn Swords who are currently on missions to engage other players, as well as up to 50 recently completed actions on other players.
- Time to complete a PvP attack has been increased by 30 minutes to 2 hours, 30 minutes.
- “Swindle” attacks in PvP now appear to the receiving character to be Barter, unless and until the defender wins. Devious!
- When engaging another player in PvP, the combat strength and overall challenge rating of the other player is now concealed until the PvP action resolves, unless the player has Spied on the other player within the last 3 days
- PvP-related talents Staying Power (Bribe), Second Strike (Sabotage) and Raid (Harass), now work as intended.
- Talents that grant bonus to silver for PvP (Return Favor, Opportunist, Iron Price) are now working as intended.
- The Mutual Benefit talent now correctly grants the target of a PvP Barter action some bonus silver.
- The Realization talent will now reveal whether someone successfully Swindled you.
- The talents that decrease the recovery time (time needed to heal after being wounded) of a Sworn Sword now work as intended.  These include: Homeward March (under Fight), Shortcut (under Harass), Shortest Path (under Aid), Resale (under Barter), Closing in (under Swindle), Supplies (under Bribe), Hide (under Spy), Escape (under Sabotage), and Jailbreak (under Steal).
- Fixed issue where Sabotaging someone in PvP caused the Fault (debuff) they were given upon success to be described as a Virtue (buff).
- When a Spy action succeeds, the “Rewards” area of the results screen now displays “Gained Information.”
- Fixed case of ‘Hoodwink’ being displayed in combat text that occurs at the end of PvP.
- “Harass” PvP attacks now are described as “Harm, depletes silver”

Additional Updates:
- Fixed issue introduced in the “Thank You Bannermen” build where building upgrades were granting double the bonus stated in their descriptions.
- Fixed issue where finishing a building upgrade did not immediately increase the player’s main character stats until reloading the game or equipping an item.
- Fixed display problem on certain building upgrades such as Weapon Rack which caused them to state that they added more to stats after being purchased than they did before being purchased (it was not actually contributing the claimed amount to overall stats).
- Fixed a number of problems related to bonuses to an entire class of attack/defend values, such as the bonus to Battle attacks granted by the Smithy’s Weapon Rack. The bonus now adds to the main character, and the displayed bonus is now the correct value.
- Fixed flickering of active state on 5-minute free Speedup that occurs when more than one building is producing an item, or when a building is producing an item which is currently ticking down in 1-second increments and an Adventure is going on at the same time with less than 5 minutes remaining.
- Fixed an exploit involving opening multiple windows to accept the same favor multiple times.
- Fixed an issue where quests weren’t being cleared correctly on the client side, causing an error which interrupted the Prologue.
- Fixed issue preventing the Lorebook from opening during some parts of Prologue, Part 5.
- Friends under “Friends who choose this…” are once again properly divided by Fealty in the Fealty Selection screen.
- Link for support in game’s footer now says “Feedback / Support” and points to
- Lord/Lady title is gendered by the chosen character gender when claimed instead of player’s profile gender.
- Randomizing the banner over and over no longer causes odd layout/coloring issues with banner sigils, patterns, etc.
- Reverting the banner via “Revert” button in the designer no longer randomizes it before a banner has been saved.

Build Notes Continued!

- Fixed error caused by viewing Lord Harlton’s holdings.
- Fixed error which could prevent Alliance Challenges from being accessed in certain circumstances.
- Fixed a bug where items such as the Valyrian Steel Greatsword, which grant a global bonus to all attack/defend stats, no longer grants double the bonus.
- Changed “You Gained:” on the Results screen to say “Results:”.
- Changed prices for some items.
- Set the default screen to “Sign Up” when playing on
- Sign-up/sign-in errors on will now automatically display the form which triggered the errors.
- The message that pops up upon registering on with a Facebook-connected email address will no longer show once user has set the password/confirmed ownership of the account.
- Fixed issue caused by a player who has separate Facebook and accounts, then changes the Facebook account email to the Play on DB email.
- Created a default, blank avatar to display for players.
- A number of locations that were displaying the first part of the email address for a login as the “first name” of the player (such as on the Power leaderboard) will now display blank until such time that we implement username creation.
- Minor text edits.
- Plus much more!

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