Build Notes 1.1.121 - June 6, 2013

Build #: 1.1.121

Build Notes:

Balance Adjustments:
- Respec’ing Talents is now free for at least one week. You may experiment to determine the ultimate combination for your character by going to your Character sheet, hitting the Talents button, then selecting “Reset Points.” All permanent talents are not effected when the Reset Points button is hit.
- Rebalanced most Adventures to have reduced difficulty.
- Rebalanced most Sworn Sword Quests to have reduced difficulty.
- Rebalanced many Boss Challenges to be easier to hit, and Volume 3 Boss Challenges have reduced hit points.
- Rebalanced many Alliance Challenges to be easier to hit.
- Rebalanced Sworn Sword rank-up formula, it is now easier for Sworn Swords above rank 20 to gain more ranks.
- Reduced requirements for some bonus goals in the Lorebook pertaining to producing rare-or-higher items or gaining Sworn Swords of a particular rank, and tweaked wording of some bonus goals in the Lorebook for clarity.

Player to Player:
- Added a “Recent” option within the Player to Player “Target” tab, which allows players to target those who have recently engaged them in PtP. Reciprocate beneficial actions like barter, or seek revenge against attacks!
- Modified the algorithm that suggest targets such that it now takes Power and Level into account.  Players 10% or more under your level are not suggested as targets. Also increased the Target selection range to create a wider variety of potential opponents relative to the player’s current Power ranking.
- If a player has taken a hostile PtP action against someone 3+ times in the last 24 hours, that target will no longer be suggested in the Random or Recent Target lists.
- Fixed issue where the number of command points available was not updating properly on the new Player to Player UI.
- Fixed issue preventing PtP actions were not being limited by available command points.  The “Target” button will no longer display to players in the PtP->Target tab when all command points are used up, instead “Insufficient Command” will display.
- Replaced the placeholder “Combat summary so far” text on PtP in-progress screens to “[Sworn Sword’s name] is on their way.”
- Replaced “Victorious” and “Retreated” overlays on the PtP results screen to display the appropriate text based on the type of action that was involved (e.g., “Aided” for the ‘loser’ in an Aid action).
- Time remaining to complete a PtP action now counts down in real-time on the Incoming and Outgoing tabs in the PtP interface.
- Fixed issue where friends’ avatars and screen names would not always display in the Friends portion of the PtP targeting interface.
- The sub-tab options on the Player to Player interface now highlight when switched between sections.
- Upon successful Spying in PtP, the results now display “Opponent stats revealed for 3 days!”
- Upon successful Harassing in PVP, the results now display “Opponent Silver Depleted!”

- Fixed a bug where respec’ing talents did not cause the bonuses granted by the previous set of talents to disappear until changing equipment or purchase of another talent.
- Talents that grant a bonus command point (e.g., Lann the Clever) are now working properly.
- Fixed several issues related to bonuses from talents and items that should increase the speed of certain actions.
- The following talents should now grant a speed bonus for their related actions in all situations: Planned Route, Favorable Terrain, Swift Help, Inside Agent, Cover of Night, Easy Marks, Incentive, Only Business, Motivation
- Bonuses that increase the speed of an action in general (such as the above talents) will now also work for Player-to-Player actions.
- Talents, items and upgrades that increase silver gained for certain actions (e.g., the Sticky Fingers talent for Steal; or the Moneylender upgrade to the Shanty) will now apply correctly to Player-to-Player actions.
- The Greyjoy “Salt the Earth” talent now properly depletes your opponent of extra silver in PtP.

Additional Fixes:

- The correct duration for an action will now display on the Player to Player interface after you have selected the sworn sword you wish to use.
- Items that grant a speed bonus or silver bonus for certain actions will now work when equipped to the sworn sword performing the action (not just when equipped to your main character). Examples are the Pony (increases speed of all trade actions), Burning Sword (adventures and quests), Dormant Dragon Egg (speed and silver) and others.
- Implemented a cap of 70% on potential speed reductions and a minimum time of 10 minutes for any adventures other than the introductory adventure.
- Fixed a bug where a bonus that is supposed to grant bonus silver to defensive actions (e.g., the silver gained when an attacker loses a Fight) has been fixed. This corrects items including Prayer Wheel, Catelyn’s Prayer Wheel, Ocean Armor, and the Grand Jousts upgrade (Tourney).
- Fixed a bug where items with multiple special percentage bonuses were sometimes not adding all of the bonuses list in the description (Catelyn’s Prayer Wheel was one such item).
- Fixed a rare “black screen of death” issue that affected some players upon log-in of the game.
- Fixed the doubling of bonuses from the Ancestral Valyrian Steel Greatsword.
- Fixed a display problem where the UI displayed “undefined” until the player chose an action in the Sworn Sword challenge interface.
- Fixed a display problem where the chance of success could be incorrectly displayed as greater than 95% on sworn sword challenge details. Chance of success can never be greater than 95% in Westeros.
- In cases where the calculated % chance of success is greater than 95% to win a Sworn Sword challenge, it is capped at 95% to reflect that there’s always a 5% chance of failure on a challenge.
- Fixed issue where specific item rewards were not being revealed properly when clicking on More Information options on a quest dialog.
- The HUD no longer moves down by the height of the Zbar when the Fealty selection window opens on the version of the game.
- Time left to recruit a Sworn Sword now counts down in real-time when one is selected, as opposed to updating only when clicked on.
- Unhired Sworn Swords no longer show time left to recruit as below 0, and once countdown is 0, the Sworn Sword is now removed from selection menu, and the first available Sworn Sword is auto-selected.
- Wedding Lutist companion is now Trade-based, Wedding Violist is now Intrigue-based.
- Honeycakes image has returned, replacing the wolf-shaped bread as a Speed-up.
- Adjust default page for to be “Sign-Up” instead of “Sign-In.”
- Fixed issue caused by inviting a non-existent player.
- Minor graphical changes to the Player to Player button on the main HUD.
- Minor image and text adjustments.
- Plus much more!

Known Issues:

* Players getting a 500 error or the Fail Krakken should clear cookies and cache, then reload the browser and game.

* Some players who experienced recent account issues may also have trouble porting their game from Facebook to

* Some Rewards are not appearing in the new Rewards screen.

* At this time, Alliances will say that you only have 10 Alliance Members, even if you have more. You may also only page through the first 10 Members when looking at the Members Tab. Please rest assured that all Members are in fact in your Alliance, they are merely hidden, and the functionality will be revived as soon as possible.

* The “X” button to close various screens may overlap with the Power leaderboard button and cause undesired behavior. Players can work around this by resizing their window.

* Not all Achievements and Bonus Goals are registering for players.

* Superior items or items equipped to the player and Sworn Sword *may* be consumed via crafting. If a player does not wish to lose any equipped or superior items to crafting, please avoid crafting such recipes for the time-being.

* If a player accepts multiple friend requests, only the first will appear accepted. This is only a graphical issue, all friend requested are accepted as intended.

For more known issues, please see this thread:

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