Build Notes 1.1.124 - June 13, 2013

Build #: 1.1.124

Hello Bannermen!

Lots of bug fixes, PtP enhancements, and Alliance updates in today’s build. Thanks for your continued support, enjoy!

Build Notes:
- Free talent respec is extended until the next build on Tuesday, June 18, hooray!
- The Incoming! tab of the PtP interface now offers a one-time use “Call Banners” button for each incoming action which can used to call for assistance from your alliance via a post in your Alliance Rookery. Any Alliance member that opts to “Send Help!” will respond automatically with a PtP action. Must be a member of an Alliance to see this option.
- Newly created (and reincarnated players) are now automatically protected from PtP actions from random players for 7 days.  This protection status is lifted if the player character has existed for more than 7 days or initiates a PtP action. Existing characters that are less than 7 days old have been grandfathered in as protected, even if they had previously performed a PtP action.
- All players now have a minimum of 1,000 silver that is completely protected from PtP attacks.
- Changed functionality of Watchtower’s Alarm Bell premium upgrade from losing less silver on a defense to providing a percentage increase to amount of protected silver.
- The last sworn sword and ability type used from the most recent PtP action are no longer pre-selected.
- Added an error message for attempting to send a sworn sword that is already busy with something.
- Fixed exploit where Sworn Swords could be sent to multiple PtP missions at once. Players who used this exploit have been approached and corrected by the Community team.
- The random-targeting PtP screen now includes players up to 20% under your current level, rather than 10%.
- Further increased the range of Power scores that will be included in the list of random targets for PtP.
- Increased the number of recent Rookery messages viewable in an Alliance to 100.
- Increased the number of members shown in an alliance to 500.  Alliances with more than 500 members can only view a maximum of 500 members.
- When clicking on the Alliances button and not yet a member of one, players will now see a list of alliances their friends are already a member of towards the top of the suggestions.
- Fixed bug in Alliances where inappropriate, non-functional options would appear in some interfaces that were intended for the leader of the alliance only.
- Fixed problem where the Remove and Promote buttons on alliance members wasn’t displaying or working properly.
- Implemented a new selection menu for inviting friends to the game, Boss Challenges, or Alliance challenges, as well as selecting friends to receive favors. List of friends to invite can be filtered by “Like Game of Thrones.”
- Fixed issue where added Facebook friends were not appearing in the Friends bar or the Friends list in the PtP Targets screen.
- Significantly reduced the number of images that are preloaded by the game, which will decrease initial load time.
- Players can now resend confirmation e-mails for their accounts.
- Quest Panel now properly allows scrolling if game is loaded when a Volume with fewer than 4 quests is selected, and then player switches to a - Volume tab with 4 or more quests.
- Scroll position of Quest Panel now resets to start position if it’s scrolled down and then a tab is switched.
- Fixed issue where unviewed quest buttons in the Quest Panel were not showing as green.
- Fixed issue with banner designer’s Revert function.
- Added new ranks to Power.
- New Sworn Swords available for hire! Find them in the Keep!
- Harpy Whip is no longer always available in the shop.
- Reduced Intrigue stat of Eavesdropper companion from 3 to 1 in order to line up with similar style battle- and trade-based companions.
- Increased stats of the rare book bodkin point arrow.
- Increased the silver cost of the Bags of Coins upgrade in the Counting House.
- Clarified wording on Raid talent to now say “random common resource.”
- Various performance improvements.
- Improved CS Tools.
- Tweaked alignment options in a few quests.
- Broken image and minor graphical fixes.
- And much more!

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