Build Notes 1.1.126 - June 18, 2013

Welcome to a new volume of original quest content and unique items! While we begin the wait until Game of Thrones Season 4 airs on HBO, join us in Westeros for new, weekly content in a multi-month story arc we have dubbed Volume You!

Picking up where Volume 1 left off, the events of Volume You return the story focus to your noble holdings and the threats and challenges you face from within and without. All players who have completed the Prologue can access Volume You by clicking the new banner tab just above the Quest Panel (to the right of the “III”).

Beyond the new quests this week’s update also features new items in the shop, including the white raven companion and The History of Aegon the Conqueror, a perfect book for learning to read if you have some time to kill in the dungeons of Dragonstone.

Additional Updates:
- Newly formed alliances (or changes to an existing alliance name) must now have a unique name. In the near future, we will begin requiring alliances with a duplicate name to change to a new unique name if they were not the first alliance to obtain a name. Alliance Leaders, please change your alliance name by editing the name in Alliance Settings to begin shifting to a new, unique name in advance of this requirement.
- There is now a confirmation dialog when a player attempts to leave an Alliance.
- If a player participates in an Alliance Challenge and subsequently leaves that alliance, they will have to wait for a 24-hour cooldown before being allowed to join or form a new Alliance.
- To facilitate friending and Player-to-Player interactions between members of an Alliance, clicking on a character portrait or name from the alliance listing will now display the character profile for that player.
- When viewing the character sheet of another player, there is now a “Player to Player” button for launching a PtP action toward them.
- There is now a small silver cost for using the Call Banner feature in Player to Player.  The cost scales with level.
- Fixed some positioning issues where certain Alliance menus were appearing too far down the page.
- Players who decline reincarnation when it is first offered will now still have the option to reincarnate so via their character sheet’s Lineage page.  Players who previously declined will now see “Reincarnate” as an option instead of simply “Restart.”
- To improve clarity of stats on building upgrades, total bonus is contributed by an upgrade is displayed as well as for its next rank. Bonuses for primary stats are no longer displayed in “relative” terms.
- Players entering the Keep for the first time in a session now correctly see all pages of Sworn Swords.
- Fixed issue where PtP HUD button and Daily News tab were causing the game to scroll to the top of the screen and stay there.
- @ strings are now fully functional for all quest screens and should no longer appear incorrectly.
- Implemented instructional mouse-over tooltips for each of the Volume tabs in the main HUD.
- Implemented a tutorial in the Prologue for inviting friends in the Facebook version of the game.
- Items that had very long item descriptions (e.g., direwolf) that simply conveyed redundant information are now significantly shorter.
- Banners for your friends now display when accessing the Friends toolbar.
- Minor text fixes.
- And much more!

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