Build Notes 1.1.128 - June 21, 2013

Hello Bannermen!

Enjoy the following enhancements and bug fixes, and we will see you early next week for more of the same, plus the latest batch of original content and unique items!

- A large number of stats and various tracking variables about the player’s character are now displayed in the Stats tab of the character sheet (the screen that appears when clicking your character portrait), broken into categories. These can be helpful for min/maxing as well as tracking various numbers that are used by achievements, or just for fun.

- Major redesign of the Message Center (Ravens) with various functional and UI improvements including tabs for “Favors”, “Messages”, “Diplomacy”. “Quests”, and “Outgoing.”
- Favors no longer require or include an associated message, and appear in a dedicated tab for easier sending.
- The “Messages” tab replaces the former “All” tab and only displays custom messages sent by a player (AKA not alliance/etc. requests, and not favors)
- The “Outgoing” tab mirrors “Messages” tab but for sent messages.
- Optimized performance of the Messages screen!

Additional Improvements and Bug Fixes:

- Fixed an issue where character create was hanging for players using secure browsing.
- Fixed an issue where players could send unlimited favors using pacts.
- Modified the Sworn Sword Challenge UI to improve readability and reduce confusion for new players, including showing some math behind the Player and Sworn Sword stats before initiating an action, and dropping the Go button down slightly. More changes on the way next week!
- We now display a cut+paste link for sharing and joining boss challenges when playing on the Web version at
- If someone else completes a boss challenge other than the creator of the challenge, the challenge will now remain in the creator’s quest queue until they collect their reward, thus fixing quest progression issues for some players.

- Previously, players were not seeing rewards for some boss challenges that they participated in. With today's build, those quests will re-appear in your quest log as completed, and grant the appropriate rewards. This is retroactive to boss challenges that you completed in the past that would have given you rewards, but for whatever reason did not.
- Updated all boss quest damage text to make more sense/be less silly.
- Fixed an issue where some Alliance Challenges that had contributed all prerequisite items were not able to be started.
- Fixed a spelling issue on the Enter Challenge button on Alliance Challenges.
- Honeycakes are once again Wolf-shaped bread for a limited time!
- Plus much more!

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