Build Notes 1.1.131 - June 25, 2013

Welcome to our latest content drop, featuring a new quest line called “A Jackal in Our Grasp” and a new items pack - “The Young Wolf!” Equip yourself or your Sworn Swords with Robb Stark’s armor, Greatjon Umber’s Bare Steel, the Stark Sigil Shield, or an adorable little wolf pup!

Be sure to come back next week as the Season You story continues with Chapter 2!

Additional Bug Fixes and Improvements:
- When upgrading a building or producing an item in a building, if a player is missing a basic resource (iron, stone, etc.) they may now obtain the resource instantly from the Village Center for the same cost per resource as it would cost to speed production of the item using Pennyroyal (currently 3 gold each).  This offer appears as a “Get Now” button that appears in the alert box informing of missing resources.
- If the player adds the building upgrade needed to produce a particular item, but lacks required resources, the Produce button will now appear. Clicking on the Produce button in this state will inform the player of the missing resources required.
- When the “Requirements” dialog displays when producing an item, it now shows the quantity of the materials required for production.
- Fixed issues related to contributing materials to an Alliance Challenge when the player possesses a superior version of the item required:
  * A basic version of a required contribution will be used ahead of any superior versions.
  * After the basic version is contributed, superior versions may be contributed, lowest rarity first, with a confirmation dialog popping up so player can back out if desired.
- Fixed problem where items depleted by crafting and production were not always reflected in the client until after a reload of the game.
- Fixed a case where, if the player posseses multiple versions of the same input materials (e.g., “Broadsword” and a “Broadsword of Greed”),  all the appropriate materials might not be consumed.
- Players are now asked to confirm when using a superior version of a material to produce a new item.
- Items equipped to a sworn sword should no longer be consumed in crafting.
- Reduced file size of many images, to improve loading times and performance for players.
- Fixed some descriptive text in the new Stats tab.
- Fixed missing image around the Power score on the main HUD.
- And much more!

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