Build Notes 1.1.133 - June 28, 2013

Hello Bannermen!

Today we have a bugfix build of the game, with two major changes. First, we have fixed a major bug which was preventing IE 9 players from being able to play the game. Second, we made a major architectural change that should result in less bandwidth cost for our servers and your game clients, resulting in better performance for everyone. Thanks for your patience while we fixed these issues!

Build #: 1.1.133

- We fixed an issue with a method being used in Internet Explorer 9 and earlier browsers that was preventing them from functioning correctly. We believe this has fixed all of the reports of IE issues that we saw this week. Please let us know if you still experience IE issues where the game does not load, or cannot be played.
—-Please note that this fixed the issue with IE 9 and below players not able to click on buildings or interact with the game. We may still see some general issues related to IE. See Khatie’s post on the forums for more details.
-Significant changes in bandwidth costs for the game, which should help both server as well as your game’s performance.
-New images are in the game!
-Additional changes to accepting and sending favors, including a daily cap of accepting 10 favors per day. Any favors after the first 10 will be converted into silver.
-Additional changes and tweaks to selecting friends requests to multiple people at once.
-Fixed an issue where certain peerless items weren’t able to be used in crafting (the Dormant Dragon Egg being the most affected).
-Many additional text and image fixes for the first-time player experience.
-And many more changes!
-The Known issues list has been culled and expanded to better reflect what players may see. Many of these items are top candidates for bugs to be fixed in our next few upcoming releases, so we expect some of them to disappear soon!

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