Build Notes 1.1.134 - July 2, 2013

Build #: 1.1.134

Hello Bannermen!

Volume You, our new story arc of original quest content and unique items continues into Chapter 2, Tensions at Hawkhaven, in which a smallfolk uprising is just the cusp of mysterious and deadly events looming in Westeros!

All players who have completed the Prologue can access Volume You by clicking the banner-shaped tab just above the Quest Panel (to the right of the “III”).

Alongside the new quests this week’s update is the Alchemy pack. These new items in the shop are suitable for any holiday that calls for fire and explosions. Equip your character or your Sworn Swords with a fireproof cloak, then set be careful they don’t burn off their eyebrows when handling magical Blue Flames, Wildfire, or the Sword Aflame.

Be sure to point all magical fire away from your face when in use, and come back after the holiday for more original content, unique items, and game updates!

Additional Fixes and Enhancements:
- The level 17 Baratheon and Targaryen talents now correctly scale to level 8, rather than the level 1 they were previously.
- Changed the total number of boons received from favors to 12 from 10.
- Large changes to the sell cost of boons. Many boons with high sell cost have been reduced, and the amount of silver gained by boons sent as favors over 12 was lowered from 100 to 5. We’ll be looking for your feedback on these changes.
- In order to be consistent with maximum number of upgrades across buildings, Reduced the total number of Target Range upgrades in the Practice Yard from 2 to 1, and reduced the total for Tower Shield in the Armory from 5 to 1. Note that players who already had these upgrades in these buildings will keep them and players in the middle of acquiring these over-upgrades will not gain them.
- Performed a balance pass on relationship quests - betrothal, marriage, and marriage activities.
- Further optimization to player data to improve performance.
- Further optimizations to image sizes throughout the game to improve performance.
- Fixed issue where Friend selection screen was overlapped by the header.
- Fixed issue where “Accept All” favors button was showing duplicate text when telling the player how many favors they received.
- Removed ‘Chella’ from list of randomized names for players, since it interfered with the safe word filter.
- Adjusted descriptions for some stats and fixed some typos.
- And much more!

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