Build Notes 1.1.136 - July 9, 2013

Build #: 1.1.136

Hello Bannermen!

Welcome to our latest content drop, featuring a new quest line and a new items pack featuring Jaime Lannister’s sword, scabbard, and armor, and his sister Cersei’s breastplate dress and seashell. Equip yourself or your Sworn Swords with these powerful items and adventure across Westeros, always remembering to pay your debts!

Per usual, we will have another new build for you later this week featuring bug fixes and various game improvements. And be sure to come back next week as the Season You story continues with Chapter 3!

Additional Adjustments and Bug Fixes:
- Adjusted boon bases prices so that common boon prices are 35 silver, uncommon are 75 silver, rare are 150 silver and wildfire is 495 silver. Please remember that all items sell at 20% of their price.
-Players now gain 30 boons per day before any additional boons are automatically converted into silver. The auto-convert worth is now 7 silver.
- Prices for boon recipes in Godswood, Sept, and R’hllor Temple adjusted, generally increased by a few silver each.
- Fixed an issue where timers were not counting down correctly - your timers should now accurate.
- Fixes for some marriage quests that were not firing appropriately.
- Fixed issue where the quest “First Impressions” did not appear in the quest panel after closing the Add Friend tutorial without inviting a friend.
- Fixed some quest blockers!
- Additional optimizations to player data.
- Minor text edits.
- And much more!

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