Build Notes 1.1.138 - July 23, 2013

Build #: 1.1.138

Hello Bannermen! We have a large update today with many bugfixes and a new speedup UI for the game, along with the second half of Volume You, Part 3: Bitter Are The Honors! Continue to follow your story as you dig deeper into the latest quests from our team.

Our new pack in the Shop this week is called “In Service of King and Light.” Within the pack you’ll see some key items from Stannis Baratheon’s quest for the Iron Throne, including Stannis’s Armor, Melisandre’s Torc, a Glowing Melisandre’s Torc, a squishy Ornate Box of Leeches, and a proud Stag, symbol of House Baratheon. Within the pack are also Flickering Fire, Black Ash, and Torchlight.

Give your heart to Melisandre and the True King today!

Additional game notes:
- We have made some substantial changes to the UI around using speedups. Rather than roll out the new UI to all players, we are showing it to some players with others will see the normal UI. We’ll be looking for your feedback on the new UI.
- In the new UI, if you would like to use a speedup in your inventory that is not suggested by the game, clicking on the speedup icon will bring you to your speedup inventory. This will allow you to choose which speedup to use. For example, if you choose to use a 30 minute and then an Hour speedup for production, you may do so.
- In the new UI, speedups now cost gold based on the amount of time being sped up. No need to click on a second screen: the new UI consumes the most appropriate item without needing to select them from your inventory.
- In the new UI, the game will give you an appropriate gold price for the time left. These prices are the same prices used by the previous speedups.
- In the new UI, speedups can now be used for production longer than 28 hours, which used to be the maximum. For speedups over 28 hours, a smoothed pricing model will mimic the existing speedup pricing, but for longer time.
- Speedups in your inventory will be used first before gold is consumed.
- If the timer is below 5 minutes, the free speedup will be used.
- Fixed a vast number of typos in the game across many quests, adventures, achievements, and flavor text. The majority of typos found internally and by players have now been fixed. New typos can be reported here:
- Normalized all found instances of “player vs. player” to reflect the correct term, “player to player.” Our official wording is “Player to Player,” because you can assist players, not just attack them.
- Fixed Dany’s horse name. Now the extra-rare “Sivler” horse will turn into the slightly-less-rare “Silver” horse.
- Fixed a huge number of quest images that were missing, with hundreds of quests now seeing correct images.
- Increased the rewards for last week’s epicly long quest, Whispers at Work. Rewards should now be better scaled with the time the quest takes to complete.
- Fixed image sizes for boss challenges that had them wrong.
- Improved battle stats for the Elite Phalanx from 15 to 20.
- Clarified the wording on a lot of items to make more sense. For example, “X%” is now “+X%,” and “+X% to [action]” is now “+X% to [action] when attacking or defending.”
- Removed redundant text on boons.
- Removed the name “Hoarfrost” from randomized player names since it did not play well with our naming filter. This was causing hoarible bugs.
- The “+X% to attack / defend” stats should now be showing correctly on items.
- Fixed an issue where companions were not properly being unequipped from characters.
- Excess favors now indicate they give silver, rather than an unexplained number.

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