Build Notes 1.1.141 - July 30, 2013

Build #: 1.1.141

Hello Bannermen, and welcome to your Tuesday content build!

Today we have our next content update for you, which includes many new quests and a new chapter, “Volume You, Part 4: The Bailiff’s Folly.” Our latest content updates takes us further into your own volume as we dig deep into the world’s mysteries.

Bug fixes are light today after last Friday’s huge bugfix drop, but the next few builds should continue to bring both more content and some good bugfixes that everyone is looking forward to. Have fun!

- Added new quests and a new chapter as part of Volume You, Part 4.
- Added additional bug and text fixes.
- Fixed a refresh issue after hiring one sworn sword.
- Added missing portraits images to some Volume 1 quests that were missing them.
- Performance changes around character data lookups.
- And more performance and minor bug fixes!

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