Build Notes 1.1.144 - August 9, 2013

Build #: 1.1.144

Hello Bannermen, and welcome to your Friday bugfix build!

Based on your feedback, our focus this week has been broken bonus goals and achievements, and we have made significant progress fixing many of their open issues. There are some important caveats with today’s update, so please be sure to read the notes carefully.

Some chapter bonus goals and achievements will be fixed immediately for everyone. This includes acquiring your Valyrian Steel Dagger for finishing Volume 1. You may need to click twice to claim your Valyrian Steel Dagger. Our older players may need to restart or reincarnate to see some completed goals deliver rewards. We did our best to minimize the number of goals affected this way, but some were unavoidable.

Remember you can go back to other chapters and re-claim bonus goals well after completing that chapter!

A huge thank you to all of our players for bearing with us while we worked on chapter bonus goals. We hope that thanks to with our recent, large bugfix build and our continuous performance improvements, you’re having more fun in Game of Thrones Ascent than ever!
Read on for the detailed notes!

Today’s build changes:

- Fixed a number of issues relating to broken bonus goal including: Prologue Part 5; Vol 1 Chapter 4; Vol 1 Chapter 5; Volume 1 Chapter 8; Volume 1 Chapter 9; Volume 2 Chapter 10; Volume 2 Chapter 11;  Volume 3 Chapter 9.
- Fixed achievements and bonus rewards tied to Sept and Godswood upgrades.
- Removed the requirement for building all buildings in the Volume 1, Chapter 11 bonus goal, and removed the requirement to complete all of the Volume 2 bonus goals. The Volume 1, Chapter 11 bonus goal now only requires an alignment at 90% or greater.
- Fixed a bug where the Shop was not refreshing item information for some players. The shop is now refreshed every day. This should fix the caching of old item descriptions as well.
- Fixed an issue where bonus goals could complete prematurely.
- Fixed a bug with goals and achievements that used the number of times you assisted a friend’s boss challenges. Players should now see this working correctly.
- Chapter bonus rewards will now display rarity of rewards.
- Additional performance improvements.
- Mildly increased stats for Jeweled Armor.
- Fixed various missing images and typos.
- And much more!

Bonus Goals / Achievements Known Issues:

- REFRESH! We have noticed some bonus goals not triggering until a refresh is done. Before reporting a bonus goal is still broken after completing it, try refreshing first.
- For the Bonus Goal related to Upgrading the Sept or Godswood, players will need to upgrade one of these buildings again once for this goal to complete. Older players may need to restart or reincarnate to finish this bonus goal, or may contact Player Support.
- Volume 1, Chapter 6 bonus goal may only recognize rare Sworn Swords; peerless or legendary Sworn Swords may not trigger the bonus goal.
- Some bonus goals dealing with reaching a certain level may be checked, while your character is actually under that level. This will be fixed if you reincarnate or restart your character. New characters will not be affected.
- Volume 1 Chapter 3 bonus goal, “Join an Alliance,” *may* complete if players leave their current Alliance and re-join. Before leaving, copy your invite code for your Alliance or your Alliance number. This will help you find your Alliance again. This is NOT working for everyone, however. Please do not contact support about this, we'll continue to investigate.
- If your alignment is already at 90% for the Volume 1 Chapter 11 bonus goal, 25% for the Prologue Chapter 5 bonus goal, or 60% for the Volume 1 Chapter 6 bonus goal, completing a quest or action that causes an alignment change should trigger the bonus goal.

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