Build Notes 1.1.143 - August 6, 2013

Build #: 1.1.143

Hello Bannermen, and welcome to your Tuesday content build!

Today we have our next content update for you, which includes new quests and the second half of our new chapter, “Volume You, Part 4: Crisis of Faith.” Perhaps we’ll finally pierce the veil of mystery surrounding your holdings and your scheming cast of Bailiffs, Captains, Septas, and page boys.

Today’s build changes:

- New quests and a new content update surrounding Season You, Part 4: Crisis of Faith! This includes new shop items that we think you’ll enjoy, including some pieces of equipment that should needle you in the right way!
- More performance and loading changes that should help performance across the game.
- Added some new adventures to the Facebook Open Graph.
- Some UI changes for performance and usability.
- Text and typo fixes.
- And more!

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