Build Notes 1.1.142 - August 1, 2013

Build #: 1.1.142

As of August 1, 2013, Disruptor Beam is ending its distribution partnership with Zynga. Zynga has been a great partner and helped expose Game of Thrones Ascent to many thousands of gamers, and we have learned a lot from our partnership with them. We are grateful for their work and their help promoting Game of Thrones Ascent.

Tonight we are pushing a build which will remove the Zynga Ad Bar, and we’re inserting a different bar, called Applifier, to test it out. We’re also adding a few other minor fixes. We are taking the game offline for a short time while this happens and will let you know when it’s back up again. Thanks for your patience!

Today’s build changes:

- Some new performance changes for the game.
- Zynga ad bar is no longer in the game.
- Removed code associated with Zynga integration.
- Added the Applifier ad bar. It lives in the same place as the Zynga ad bar. This is a trial to see how Applifier works and whether it is a fit for GoTA.
- Changed most boss challenges in Volume 1 to repeat on failure.
- Minor text and image bugfixes.

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