Build Notes 1.1.182 - December 31, 2013

Build # 1.1.182  

Hello, Bannermen!

Today we’re bringing you the third half of Volume You, Part 14: Dangerous Trade. Confront a treacherous new merchant with new quests, new items, and more!

Today’s random pack is the New Year’s Festival! Bells, bears, censers, astrolabes, and more await you in the celebration. Additionally, we brought back The Lannister Guards as a full pack. For 180 gold, you may purchase as many piles of Lannister armor as you would like! And to fill that armor, we have plenty of severed heads for sale in the store! Hire Jailers, mount heads on pikes across your hold, and arm your men with saps from the shop, as we added them as individual items.

Lastly, we have added new seals to the PtP loot tables, allowing our players to acquire the new seal types through PtP actions.

Thanks for reading, and have a great New Years!

Additional Improvements:

-- Removed exclusive bonus items for when players purchase $20 & more of gold this week.

-- Added 26 new seals that can be acquired through PtP. These are common, uncommon, and rare variants of the new seal types we added last phase. There is a 20% chance to receive one of the new seals from PtP seal loot.

-- Corrected the rarity of some seals that showed legendary instead of peerless.

-- Fixed a blocker bug in The Leader’s Secrets.

-- Minor text fixes to several dozen quests.


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