Build Notes 1.1.176 - November 26, 2013

Build # 1.1.176


Hello, Bannermen!


Welcome to your Tuesday content build! Today we bring you the second part of Volume You, Part 12: Passions and Protests.  Choose how to deal with the unusual demands of a travelling group of Septons and Septas in this installment of Season You!

Prepare for your Harvest Feast with Red Deer, Hounds, and Turkey Legs!  Try your luck for only 35 gold!  Additionally, you can now buy the entire Hearth in the Wilderness pack, including Craster’s Axe. This pack is now available outside of the randomized packs.

Thanks for reading, and have a great Thanksgiving!

Additional Improvements:

—Added Volume You, Part 12: Passions and Protests quests.

—Added new randomized packs to the store! The Dragon’s Khalasar brings treasures of the Dothraki and the Khalasar to your Sworn Swords, and The Kingsguard returns with a randomized pack.

—Changed the end of the current AvA phase to December 10th. This was done to give our team more time, so we can polish and thoroughly test both AvA changes and the end of this phase.

—The Shop now always displays 4 available companions and 2 additional random companions.

—Made the Direwolf always available in the shop and changed the price to 22 gold to reflect its availability.

—Various quest fixes & performance enhancements.


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