Build Notes 1.1.177 - November 29, 2013

Build # 1.1.177

Hello, Bannermen!

Welcome to your Black Friday build! We have a treat for you today!

For a limited time, until December 3rd at 7:00am EST, receive a free Direwolf Matriarch for your first purchase of $20 or more of gold! All players who buy a gold pack worth $20 or more, between now and December 3rd, will receive the Matriarch for their first purchase in these four days. The Direwolf Matriarch is a limited-time peerless companion not available in the shop, and a great value for your purchase.

The Starks are having a harvest feast! To give thanks for all the wonderful things in life - revenge, rebellion, and red weddings - we have brought back 12 Stark items into the shop! Buy each one individually, or purchase the Stark Harvest Pack and get a 30% discount.

All of these items will be available from this morning until December 3rd at 7:00am, so get them while they’re available!

Additional Improvements:

-- Added 12 Stark items to the shop, and the pack Stark Harvest Feast.

-- Implemented a limited-time deal for gold purchases of $20 or more, which now grant a Direwolf Matriarch for the first purchase of gold this weekend.

-- Fixed an issue where PtP attacks would show the challenge rating against your opponent, rendering spying useless. Now you’ll need to spy against your opponent to see how well your attack will do!

-- Fixed a loot calculation error for spoil drop rates. Spoils should now drop an appropriate amount of time from AvA actions.

-- Fixed typos in the Silver Horse and Ram’s Skull.

-- Fixed an issue where some PtP attacks were returning errors when viewing results in the Outgoing PtP tab.


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