Build Notes 1.1.17X - December 20, 2013

Build # 1.1.17X  

Hello, Bannermen!

We had planned for this build to go out Monday, 12/23/13, but due to an issue with the Seal of Celebration, we decided to get this out earlier! So your Tuesday Monday content build is now a Friday content build!

Today’s build contains Volume You, Part 14: The Gauntlet. Down it is thrown, and just in time for your weekend! We also introduce an entirely new type of seal with today’s build, and we have a special celebratory pack for the long December nights!

A Winter Celebration has come to Westeros, and you can equip your Sworn Swords with a holiday sledge packed full of crates, done a fur cloak, and hitch up a Massive Elk to pull it all. Still wondering how to get jolly with so many Elk and crates? Don a festive Red Armor, trimmed with Green, and enjoy winter in style. All of these items are available in our new Winter Celebration random pack!

We have also brought The City Watch as a full pack in our Deals, and brought Carving Knives, adorable dogs, and soon-to-be venison to the store for individual purchase.

Lastly, we bring a new type of seal in our bags of cheer. These seals, called Seals of Speed, can be found in the Hastened Intrigue bundle. They include multiple different seals that can either speed up your intrigue attacks, or both speed up and boost their effect! They stack upon each other, and can be slotted in items, Sworn Swords, and your character. Expect new versions of the Seals of Speed in the future.

The next build is scheduled for December 31st, 2013, so we wish everyone a fantastic holiday, and we’ll see you New Year’s Eve!

Additional Improvements:

-- Fixed an issue where the Seal of Celebration wasn’t acting nice, and was causing player’s profiles to lock up.

-- Implemented new seal types for Adventure, PtP, Quest, and AvA speedups. AvA speedups will not be released until this phase is done.

-- Disbanded Alliances now show “DISBANDED” on the AvA leaderboard. This was preventing the leaderboard from showing after an Alliance disbanded. We will change this to a nicer format in the future.

-- Moved the Goodwife name from male to female lists.

-- Fixed an issue where the 200 gold promo could show up again in the same session as a player purchasing it.

-- Updated food and consumables to note that they persist through reincarnation.

-- Resolved an issue where the Fealty selection page was not showing flavor text or descriptions.

-- Quest fixes.

-- Performance fixes.

-- Better error checking on some common errors.


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