Build Notes 1.1.178 - December 10, 2013

Build # 1.1.178  

Hello, Bannermen!

Welcome to your Tuesday content build! We have some new content as well as some bug fixes and a new way to use your seals!

This build contains Volume You, Part 13: On the Eve. There isn’t a second part next week, so we’ll leap right into Part 14 next week! Alongside the new content is the City Watch pack, bringing you your own Gold Cloak! Or maybe you’ll be interested in a City Guard or City Helmet? And don’t forget, what city would be complete without a cute little pestilential rat.

Alongside the new pack, we have individual items from the Dragon’s Khalasar pack. Look stylish in dozens of Khal Drogo’s Gold Belts, hire Second Son Mercenaries, or equip your Sworn Swords with Daario’s Curved Blade. We also have the full Harvest Feast pack, as well as two more random packs for you to purchase.

With today’s build comes the addition of seals to your character! This feature allows you to equip seals directly to your character. Every character has one seal slot open, with five more available for purchase. Character seal slots are more expensive than item seal slots, since they affect all Sworn Swords under your control.

We have also fixed two longstanding bugs: An issue with some PtP attacks not being restricted to 3/day per character, and an issue where permanent talent points were not being counted for some talents.

Have a great week!

Additional Improvements:

-- Players may now slot seals into their characters!

-- Added the random pack, “City Watch,” and added a Harvest Feast as a non-random pack in the Deals section.

-- Fixed an issue where permanent talent points were not counted for many talents.

-- Fixed an issue where some players could bypass the 3/Day hostile PtP action limit.

-- Changed the PtP action names from “Send Out” to “Initiate” and “Assign Job” to “Patrol.” This better reflects what the actions do and is less confusing.

-- Removed names containing the word God because the filter doesn’t play nice.

-- The costs for Boiled Wine and Myrish Fire have been reduced. Both items should have their gold price reduced, bringing them better in line with their benefits and the costs of other wound consumables.

-- Updated the stats on the Live Dragon Egg and Baby Dragon to better reflect their awesomeness.

-- Several significant performance improvements that should help with server performance.

-- Reticulated splines.


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