Build Notes 1.1.146 - August 20, 2013

Build #1.1.146

Hello Bannermen, and welcome to your Tuesday content build!

Today we’re bringing you the second half of Volume You, Part 5: The Wicked Seed, finishing the new chapter in our Volume You storyline. We also have a new pack in the store that lets you ride with the Khalasar! Khal Drogo’s Knife has made its way onto the store, along with his glorious belt. With them you can find a Dothraki Screamer, a Dothraki Dancer, and of course, Molten Gold for that special someone.

We also have our usual bugfixes and minor changes for this build. Check out the build notes, and we’ll see you in the grassy sea of Essos!

Today’s build changes:

- Introduced new quests with the second half of Season You, Part 5: The Wicked Seed.
- A new pack has appeared! Join the Dothraki Horde by adorning yourself with Khal Drogo’s knife and belt, or choose to use Molten Gold on that special someone. It’s super effective!
- Additional performance optimizations.
- Fixed an issue where many quests were set to automatically succeed instead of retrying when failed. These quests should not ask our players to retry instead of automatically succeed.
- Fixed an issue where the Counting House did not display the Silver icon.
- Typo fix for Tyrion’s Armor.
- Quest typo fixes.
- And more!

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