Build Notes 1.1.145 - August 13, 2013

Build #: 1.1.145

Hello Bannermen, and welcome to your Tuesday content build!

Today we’re bringing you Volume You, Part 5: But a Glimpse, a new chapter in our ongoing Volume You storyline. We also have a new pack in the store based around everyone’s favorite halfman, Tyrion Lannister. We managed to sneak away and copy Tyrion’s Armor and Bronn’s Sword, along with Bronn’s “Armor of Dubious Morals.” We also have some small bugfixes and changes to the game.

Thanks for reading, and have a great time on Game of Thrones Ascent!

Today’s build changes:

- Introduced new quests, a new chapter, and new beginnings with Volume You, Chapter 5: But a Glimpse.
- A new pack has appeared! Get Tyrion’s exquisitely detailed armor or Bronn’s sharp sword in this week’s pack, “City’s Savior.”
-  Fixed some missing images that would sometimes appear after clicking an information option in quests.
- Added logging for Friday’s PtP outage.
- No longer will the fealties section of the Lorebook stutter “GGreyjoy.”
- Text, typo, and grammar fixes for quests.

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