Build Notes 1.1.147 - August 23, 2013

Build #: 1.1.147

Happy Friday, Bannermen! Today we’ve pushed a build with quite a few fixes to function and performance in the game, and we’ve now added a confirmation feature for purchases.

Please continue to send us your reports and findings to so we can continue to make improvements! Have a terrific weekend in Westeros!

Build Notes:

- Fixed a quest blocker that was preventing some players from accessing Season You, Chapter 5 content.
- Fixed issue where some players were circumventing the command points limit on starting adventures for an unfair advantage.
- Fixed issue where players could be targeted by a hostile PtP action more than 3 times in 24 hours via various methods. An alert box now prevents the player from continuing with an appropriate explanation.
- Fixed exploit where players could sell and then purchase items without seeing their silver count reduced.
- A confirmation dialog is now displayed following the purchase of any item.
- Fixed issue where the Pool upgrade on the Godswood was not decreasing the build timer for the Common Boon and Uncommon Boon recipes.
- Permanent items now list properly in the Lorebook for previous characters.  Known issue: the Lorebook does not currently page these results, so you can only see the first 10 items.
- To reduce confusion, when leveling up to level 13 (which is when fealty-specific buildings are mentioned) players are now only told about unlocking their specific fealty building, as opposed to all five of them.
- Adjusted wording of the statue upgrade for the Artisan Quarters to more clearly state that it only reduces the cost of gear in the Shop.
- Changed rarity of Harrier item to be common, putting it in line with similar items such as the Scout and Peddler.
- More efficient loading of some image assets for improved performance.
- Added 3 new Sworn Sword images!
- Minor typo and image fixes.
- And much more!

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