Build Notes 1.1.177 - December 3, 2013

Build # 1.1.177

Hello, Bannermen!

Welcome to your Tuesday content build! And today, it’s not just content that gets updated, but also some significant changes to the way AvA works.

This build contains the third half of Volume You, Part 12: Feudal Obligations. Third half? It’s true! Along with the new content is a new random shop pack: Mercy of Traitors! Take a chance at getting Theon’s Armor, a Bloody Blade, and everyone’s favorite items, two heads on a pike: a Noble Traitor’s head and a regular ole head. Terrifying! We also brought in some items from Hearth in the Wilderness that may be purchased for gold in the shop. Grab Craster’s Axe, Sam’s Dragonglass Spearhead and Thimble, or Craster’s Bracelet for your Sworn Swords!

With this build, we have made a major change to how Alliance vs. Alliance attacks work. Today we are rolling out the change from synchronous to asynchronous AvA actions, which will affect how results and modification to camps are calculated.

Previously AvA actions were synchronous, meaning:

-- Results were not applied and loot not acquired until a player viewed the results of the action.

-- Results could be accessed / viewed in any order, and they would affect camps based on the order they were viewed.

-- AvA actions could effectively be queued up and creatively viewed to create interesting results.

-- Players had to review dozens or hundreds of results to make certain they benefitted their Alliance (or hindered another Alliance).

Now that AvA actions are asynchronous, this means:

-- AvA actions will resolve based on when the action itself finishes.

-- AvA actions will apply based on the order they were sent out.

-- AvA actions will apply and work when you are not logged in.

-- Spoils and Victory Points will be automatically acquired once the AvA action completes, not when you view the action.

-- You do not have to view results to have the AvA action count in AvA.

We feel that this is necessary for the health of AvA and that it matches the expectation our players had for AvA actions.

We also made a significant number of changes on AvA victory point gain, fixing several bugs where Victory Points were not accruing at the expected amounts. We began applying these changes last week and continue the work this week. Players should now see the correct number of Victory Points when attacking camps. The correct value factors in both your own Alliance’s camp level and your target’s level, as well as the type of action taken.

Additional Improvements:

-- Added in the new random pack, Mercy of Traitors.

-- Moved AvA actions to asynchronous actions, from synchronous actions.

-- Modified and corrected several AvA victory point gain calculations.

-- The Black Friday sale has been discontinued, and purchasing gold will no longer grant a Direwolf Matriarch.

-- Added items from Hearth in the Wilderness to the shop.

-- Minor text changes to several quests.

-- Fixed an issue where the PtP defender image and name could show as undefined.


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