Build Notes 1.1.17X - December 17, 2013

Build # 1.1.17X  

Hello, Bannermen!

Welcome to your Tuesday content build! We have some new content as well as some bug fixes and a new way to use your seals!

This build contains Volume You, Part 14: The Things We Love. There isn’t a second part next week, so we’ll leap right into Part 15 next week! Alongside the new content is the new random Lannister Guards pack, letting you deck out your Sworn Swords in full Lannister regalia! If you’re lucky, you can get ahold of Tywin’s armor or Tyrion’s shirt, and add red and gold to your wardrobe.

This week, we have individual items from the Kingsguard pack. Thrown down on the Red Keep’s floor, Ser Barristan’s Sword can now be yours, and your Sworn Swords can don the White and Gold of the Kingsguard armor, helm, and cloak. Pairing horror with beauty, this week you can buy the full Traitor’s Mercy pack in the store, letting you purchase a pack filled with severed heads, Jailer's keys, and saps.

Today’s build contains significant changes to the Alliance vs. Alliance system. You may read the full list of changes here:

In short, we are adding:

-- Hourly VP gain for camps.

-- A balance pass on camp upgrade requirements.

-- New rewards.

We took a pass at fixing item stats this week, and we believe many issues relating to stats not counting, especially percentage increase stats, should now be resolved. Undoubtedly some remain, but stats should be more accurate and better reflect the bonuses for your actions.

Have a great week!

Additional Improvements:

-- Implemented Volume You, Part 14, alongside the Lannister Guard random pack.

-- Implemented hourly VP gain for AvA camps, camp upgrade cost rebalancing, and new reward types. Read the forum discussion about these changes here:

-- Fixed multiple issues related to stats being incorrectly calculated. There may still be some lingering issues, but stat calculation should now be a good deal more accurate.

-- Fixed an issue where Alliance names would fail silently when leaders tried to use non-English characters. Alliance name now fail loudly. Note that an apostrophe is still allowed.

-- Increased the number of viewable outgoing PtP / AvA attacks from 50 to 100.

-- Fixed an issue where AvA results were not visible in the Keep.

-- AvA camp upgrades are now incremental, and upgrade in steps when multiple upgrades have been queued.

-- Changed the intra-phase “Camps Are Locked” message to be clearer.

-- Changed regional rewards to clearly state they require 5 or more Alliance members.

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