Build Notes 1.1.187 - January 22, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!

Today’s build has a significant number of changes, so please read the entire build notes before logging in.

First off, today is the first time you will be able to purchase Unwavering Honor, our pack featuring everything Stark, from Ned’s riding leathers and cane to his Honored Bones and the legendary greatsword, Ice! If you don’t get it in this first random pack, don’t worry: they’ll be seeing the shop again soon enough. We also have two packs for sale in the Deals section: the Healer’s Touch has made an appearance as a full pack, and a Mysterious Magics pack has been shipped from across the Narrow Sea! Our Volume You content also continues with Chapter 16: Eastern Pursuit. Chase your enemy across the Narrow Sea with new quests and new content!

Today’s build also contains many changes to the Alliance vs. Alliance system. Now that the Ghost Phase is over, we are implementing the various AvA tweaks and changes for the Wolf Phase. Remember that the Wolf Phase begins at 12:00pm EST on Monday, January 27th 2014! For a full list of changes, please read the full build notes and the blog.

Lastly, we have made some significant changes to how stats work on items. This should make your stats significantly more accurate, as well as fixing several issues related to stat calculations and stat display. If you do not see the changes when you log in, please remove the items from a Sworn Sword and re-apply them.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your build!

Additional Improvements:
—Volume You, Chapter 16 has been added to the game! Enjoy new quests and new content that take you across the Narrow Sea.
—Added the Unwavering Honor random pack to the store. This is the first time you will be able to purchase Ned Stark’s legendary greatsword, Ice, as well as other items that once belonged to the Starks.
—Changed AvA attacks to have a minimum attack time of 30 minutes.
—Several performance improvements when viewing PtP actions.
—Added content needed for the transition to the Wolf Phase, including new spoils, rewards, and a new participant prize.
—Camp upgrade requirements have been rebalanced. Please see this blog post for details:
—Victory Points for AvA attacks have been rebalanced. Please see this blog post for details:
—Camp repair costs in AvA have been rebalanced. Camps now require 80% less silver to be repaired.
—Camp stats have been broken out into Offense and Defense stats. Defense stats are 25% higher than Offense stats. Offense stats remain unchanged.
—Camp Offense stats drop down to 0% when a camp is fully damaged, while Camp Defense stats only drop down to 50% when a camp is fully damaged.
—Changed spy actions to be non-hostile in AvA only. Spy actions in PtP are still considered hostile.
—Switched the Alliance Challenges to require the new Wolf Spoils.
—Fixed an issue where swindle AvA actions were dealing up to 5 damage to a level 20 camp. Swindle actions now have a chance to grant the most silver and the most damage to low-level camps, and the least silver and least damage to high-level camps. This now provides a risk / reward option for low-level camps, where you may gain quite a bit of silver, but risk damage.
—Removed recipes to convert Owl Spoils to Harvest Spoils.
—Added recipes to convert Ghost Spoils to Wolf Spoils.
—Fixed an issue where AvA steal and swindle actions were depleting silver or dealing damage to the wrong camp when actions failed.
—Fixed an issue where some items providing +X% to actions were providing double the percentage.
—Fixed an issue where items providing +X% to actions did not display in Sworn Sword stats.
—Fixed multiple bugs related to stats not displaying on Sworn Swords.
—Fixed an issue where suffixes on items were not providing +X% to actions.
—Fixed an issue where PtP seals were not dropping at the correct ratio.
—Fixed an issue where some talent descriptions were causing display issues.
—Fixed several instances where the text referenced PvP instead of PtP.
—Added new images for both the Silent Lady and Jayne.

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