Build Notes 1.1.150 - August 30, 2013

Build #1.1.150

Good morning, Bannermen! We’ve pushed a new build this morning with some fixes and improvements!  This includes a new feature for Alliances to have Officers!

Enjoy the new build and continue to send your feedback and bug reports to so we can continue to make improvements!

Please also note: due to the Labor Day holiday next week we plan to have one build mid-week. Thank you.

Build Notes:
- Implemented the Alliance Feature for selection of ‘Officers’ (please see known issues).
    - To make someone an Officer, the leader may click on Promote from their name on the member listing.
    - Promoting an officer asks the leader if they’d like to step down and appoint the Officer as the new leader (which is what the old Promote feature did).
    - [Updated with Patch 1.1.151] All Alliance Ranks: Members, Officers and the Leader of an Alliance are allowed to start an Alliance Challenge.
    - For future planning, note that Officers will soon be able to modify diplomatic stances with other alliances, and initiate the construction of war camps.  See: for features coming soon.

Other bug fixes:
- [Updated with Patch 1.1.151] Fixed issue where gold-valued resources were not showing up for use in the Alchemist building recipes.
- [Updated with Patch 1.1.151] Fixed the issue which was causing Sworn Swords to not be available in the Sell page of the Shop for exile.

- Fixed issue where alliance leaders incorrectly saw a message informing them that they were the only member on the members tab, even when they have more than one member.
- Fixed bug pertaining to apostrophe-s combinations with @variables, and the appearance of unconverted ' strings passing up to the user interface.
- Text clarity improvement for stats on Veteran Charger and Storm Kestrel.
- Minor image updates.

Known Issues:
- Alliance members who are not the leader are unable to see who the alliance’s officers are. This is a display issue; officers have all expected permissions.

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