Build Notes 1.1.184 - January 9, 2014

Build # 1.1.184

Hello, Bannermen!

Today’s build introduces some packs that we have been working on this week: Varys’s Secret Stash and Hidden Treasures of the North! Both packs take some of the most popular items over 2013 and return with them in pack form. As always, each pack has a 30% discount off the normal price of the items, making them great deals for your Sworn Swords. You can find Varys’s Secret Stash under the Deals section, and Hidden Treasures of the North under the Best of 2013 tab.

Additionally, all of the items in the packs have been added as individual items in the shop. If you missed Craster’s Axe, Loras Tyrell’s Armor, Ygritte’s Bow, Daario’s Straight Blade, or other items, now is your chance to grab them again! If you were excited for the Healer’s Touch random pack, don’t worry: you can still purchase one in the Deals section of the shop.

Thank you to all of our players for making 2013 an exciting and momentous year!

Additional Improvements:
—Added new “Best Of” packs, Varys’s Secret Stash and Hidden Treasures of the North.
—Fixed an issue where some fealty buildings in the Lorebook had broken images.

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