Build Notes 1.1.185 - January 14, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!

Today’s build introduces some new quest content as well as some interesting packs to the store! It is also the last build before the end of the Ghost Phase of AvA, which ends on Monday, 1/20/13 at 7:00am EST (12:00 UTC).

This build contains the second half of Volume You, Part 15: Vengeance Is Cold. Weather a drought on your land with new quests and new items, and prepare for the newly-announced debut of Game of Thrones, Season 4!

This week’s new random pack is “Sharpen Your Mind,” containing a speed-up seal, bandages, books, and letters. Find a Face bandage to cover your wounds, read Ned Stark’s letter to Stannis, or peruse Davos’s Reading Book, with a powerful 12% bonus to Steal attacks or 12% bonus to Spy attacks. We also have a Hidden Treasures random pack, with Best of 2013 items; A pack of mighty arms called Go Big! and a full pack of items from The New Year Festival. Lastly, items from the late Renly Baratheon’s host are available individually in the store.

Today’s build also contains some small fixes in preparation for a larger build next week, which will be a large update and contain a significant number of changes to Alliance vs. Alliance combat.

Additional Improvements:
—Added Volume You, Part 15: Vengeance is Cold.
—Added the Sharpen Your Mind, Go Big! And Hidden Treasures packs.
—Fixed an issue where Sworn Swords would become stuck if they attacked an Alliance, and the Alliance was disbanded before the attack landed.
—Fixed an issue where criticals should be rolls of 96+ instead of 95+. Now you win if you roll a 95!
—Unified language for legacy spots where PtP was called PVP.

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