Build Notes 1.1.190 - February 4, 2014.

Today we have the latest content for our Volume You quest chain, called Part 17: By The Sword. No escape, no parley, no quarter. Enter your final battle against the Silent Lady with new quests, new items, and more! We also have released two changes for the shop: the first is our new random pack focused on Arya Stark, and the second is a new Seal section of the shop! Check both out and purchase new seals for your Sworn Swords and your newest Arya items.

Today’s build also contains several performance tweaks, and a change to ordering for our player’s inventory, including Sworn Swords. Sworn Swords and items now sort oldest to newest. What is more, the issue where Sworn Swords would rearrange themselves in the keep should now be gone. We are looking into the work that would be required to allow players to sort themselves, but that would be quite a bit more work to balance server performance and UI considerations.

Lastly, read our latest blog about Adventure Parties here!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your build!

Additional Improvements:
—Added in the latest quests and content for Volume You, Part 17.
—Added in a new pack, “The Spirited Wolf.” This pack is all about Arya, our favorite little Stark!
—All player items have been reordered from oldest to newest. This has the greatest impact in your Storage and Keep. Items are still categorized, but will appear in the order which they were purchased. This is a partial fix to the issue of Sworn Swords and item reorganizing themselves.
—Added a Seals tab to the shop. The Seals tab contains 27 seals, with the 9 common seals and 18 rare and legendary chance seals. The seals are currently priced at 2 gold for common, 6 gold for rare, and 10 gold for legendary. All of these seals are currently always available. As time goes on, we will be adding randomly available seals and limited-time seals to the shop.
—Performance fixes when accessing player banners.
—Performance fixes to accessing server data.
—Fixed an issue where permanent talents showed as blank for the player’s linage page in the Lorebook.

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