Build Notes 1.1.154 - September 10, 2013

Build #1.1.154

Hello Bannermen!

Volume You, our story arc of original quest content and unique items begins the next installment of Volume You. Is your Maester connected to the Silent Lady? Find out in the first half of Volume You, Part 7: No Honor in Chains!

Plenty of excitement to be found with this week’s shop packs as well. “Northern Snow” is our new item pack, taking you beyond The Wall with Ygritte’s Furs, Bow, and Quiver. You also have a chance to pick up Jon Snow’s iconic blade, Longclaw. Fight back the walkers with Valyrian steel! But that’s not all!

We are bringing back some of the best of the best items in three new packs - Exceptional Weapons, Exceptional Armor, and Exceptional Companions. Within these packs you’ll find fan favorites like Robb Stark’s armor, Needle, Greatjon Umber’s Bare Steel, Melisandre’s Torc, Theon’s Ship, Da Chopper, and much more. Grab them while you can!

We have some significant changes to Alliances in today’s build. You can read the details below, but in short, we are bringing a much better chat system to Game of Thrones Ascent, where you can easily chat with your Alliance members. After we have affirmed this Chat is working well, we'll be removing the Rookery from the Alliance Window. We’re also allowing inactive Alliance leaders to be succeeded, if they are inactive for too long.

Thanks for following along and supporting us in Game of Thrones Ascent!

Additional Game Notes:

- Alliance chat has arrived! If you are in an Alliance, you may now chat through a built-in chat window in the game. This chat window also shows Alliance activity, like Alliance Challenges and Call Banners. Please note that if you are not in an Alliance, you will not see Alliance Chat - there is no global or general chat at this time.
—- Chat is limited to 500 characters at a time.
—- Players receive an error if they spam chat.

—- Please note Alliance Chat entries can neither be edited nor deleted.
—- The chatbox can filter out chat, activity updates, or both.
- Alliance leaders may now be succeeded by their Alliance members if they have been inactive for too long.
—- After 14 days of inactivity, Alliance Officers may succeed the Leader.
—- After 30 days of inactivity, any Alliance member may succeed the leader.
- New options have been enabled in the Account button on the menu.
—- “Instant Speed-ups” will enable instant speed-up UI for your account.
—- “Confirm Gold Spending” will pop up a confirmation box when using gold to purchase something. This does not pop up an additional confirmation box if the action already had one.
—- These new options are only available playing on the Disruptor Beam website.
- The $20 gold promotion is no longer available for all players. new players and players who have not spent gold with us will still see it pop up from time to time, and may continue to take advantage of it unless they purchase gold.
- Game of Thrones is now updated with Facebook’s local payment changes. Our Facebook players will no longer see payments in Facebook Credits, and will instead be prompted to pay in their local currency.
- Fixed a problem involving calculation of category-wide bonuses on equippable items; this corrects problems with items including Blackfish Armor, Golden Sword, Rose-pommel Sword, Greatjon Umber’s Bare Steel, Warhorse, Steel Shod Warhorse, Mounted Escort, Pikemen, Phalanx, Elite Phalanx, Shield Bearers, Armored Knight, Valuable Prisoner, Noble Prisoner, Shade of the Evening, Talisa’s Writing Pad, Manticore Venom, Unsullied, Lyanna’s Letter, Jeweled Armor, Manacles, Broken Shackles, Mounted Escort, Gilded Mail.
- Fixed bug where the very first sworn sword quest would display ‘undefined’ toward the bottom of the challenge interface.
- Fixed bug where the first fealty talent displayed ‘undefined’ in its tooltip when inspecting benefits of joining a particular fealty during early character creation.
- Changed Khal Drogo’s Knife to Khal Drogo’s Blade.
- Updated the credits. Promotions for everyone!
- More typo fixes!
- More performance improvements!


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