Build Notes 1.1.197 - February 13, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!

Adventure Parties are now live! Since this is a thorough redesign of Adventures, we highly encourage all of our players to read our two blogs on Adventure Parties:

A Detailed View of Adventure Parties

A Guide to Using Adventure Parties

A simple overview of the system:

Adventure Parties are unlocked through talents.

After spending talent points, go to the Keep to view your Party.

Assign Sworn Swords, set actions, and send them out on Adventures through the Adventure Party tab on the keep.

You’re still limited by talent points, command points, and number of Sworn Swords.

PLEASE NOTE: With today’s build, your Sworn Swords need to be idle for them to be picked up as available for the party. Make sure you check all pending results for your Sworn Swords. If that still does not clear them, try sending them on a short adventure and viewing results, which should clear them up for the party.

To celebrate the launch of Adventure Parties, we have added a new pack to the Shop, letting you purchase all premium talents related to Adventure Parties for a discount! Check it out in the Deals section. Or, if you choose, you may purchase the talents individually in the Talent window.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your build!

Additional Improvements:

-- Adventure Parties have been added in the game!

-- A new talent tree for Adventure Parties has been added into the game. This tree contains all of the talents needed to unlock Adventure Parties.

-- A new pack selling all of the premium talents used in Adventure Parties is available in the Shop, under the Deals tab.

-- A new tab for Adventure Parties has been added to the Keep.

-- Adventures are better tracked and are better tracked in the backend database.

-- Smallfolk now have a new image. No longer will they be the red-haired child! Now they look a lot more like how you imagine Smallfolk to look.

-- Added some new naughty names to the naming filter.


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