Build Notes 1.1.199 - February 19, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!

Today is an extra-exciting build, because it is our Anniversary Week! On February 21st, Game of Thrones Ascent will have been open to our players for a full year. To celebrate, we’re giving our players some very exciting changes in this build!

Introducing Gifts from the King! Gifts from the King are rewards you earn for playing Game Of Thrones Ascent. For this week, we’re introducing a one-year reward for everyone who has had an account with us for a year or longer! For all of our players who have spent a year with us, log in on or after your one-year anniversary to receive a free Faithful Hound companion.

The Faithful Hound is a permanent legendary companion with 13 base stats and a 7% bonus to Quest and Adventure speed. In the future, we will be adding additional items to reward our long-time players. Gift from the King will continue being granted after the anniversary is over, so anyone who has played for a year or longer will continue to receive them! Look for them on your anniversary.

We also have an anniversary quest for all of our players! This quest will begin as soon as you log in after the build, and features a unique item that is only available during the anniversary. Complete Gammer Wilde’s quest to receive a special Ancient Dragonglass Arrowhead for yourself or your Sworn Swords! Using Dead Weirwood, Composite Bows, and this arrowhead, you may craft a more powerful anniversary item, a Children of the Forest Bow, in the Godswood. Log in this week to get it quick, because it will be gone after our next content build!

The Gold Promo has returned for our anniversary! Buy $20 worth of gold and receive a free Bloodrider Arakh! The Bloodrider Arakh is a unique item with awesome stats to help celebrate our one year anniversary.

We also have your weekly content, with Part 18: The Slavers Legacy. Decide what spoils you will take from your fallen enemy with new quests and items in Volume You!

This week, the shop is all about The Starks and the North! Our newest pack is focused on Talisa, the Queen in the North. Help the helpless and give voice to the voiceless with Talisa’s Dress, Talisa’s Cloak, and other items from her time with Robb Stark. This week also features Arya Stark’s full pack, and brings Ice and Ned Stark’s Honored Bones to the shop as individual items! Grab Ice for all of your Sworn Swords today.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your build!

Additional Improvements:
—Added Gifts from the King to the game! On their one-year anniversary, a player will receive a Faithful Hound to recognize their loyalty to Westeros. Additional rewards will be added in future builds.
—Added an anniversary quest, One Year Older, that players may complete to receive a special anniversary item!
—Added a new anniversary recipe in the Godswood. Using the anniversary item Ancient Dragonglass Arrowhead, craft a new Children of the Forest Bow, only available with the anniversary item!
—Added Part 18: The Slavers Legacy to Volume You. Decide what spoils you will take from your fallen enemy with new quests and items in Volume You!
—Added the Queen in the North pack to the store. The Spirited Wolf pack is now available as a full pack, and Ned Stark’s items are available in the shop as individual items.
—Cleaned up how fealty regions are displayed on the AvA War Map and how fealties are displayed in the Talents screen.
—Players may now contribute arbitrary numbers of items to Alliance camps. By clicking on the number, you may enter in any value. No more clicking hundreds of times!
—Fixed several bugs related to 19 achievements not working. Specifically, the achievements related to PtP actions towards specific fealties (Sleeping Lion, Stunted Dragon, etc.) should now be working. Note that this is not retroactive; you will need to redo the actions to have them count.
—Fixed non-functional dropdowns in the Lorebook when accessing the Lorebook through the Character menu.
—Fixed a text bug where more than one talent would show the talent button as “Talent s” instead of “Talents”

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