Build Notes 1.1.191 - February 11, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!



Welcome to your weekly content build! Today we have the next part of Volume You, Part 17: Squaring of Disputes! Steal a valuable piece of land from House Goldfoot with new quests, items, and more!

Today also shuffles around the shop packs, with a new pack called The Citadel! Speed up and boost your Barter and Spy actions with the help of the Maesters. We also have the Moon of my Life pack available as a full pack, and the items from Sharpen Your Mind as individual purchases!

Gameplay changes are relatively small for this build, as we polish Adventure Parties. We expect Adventure Parties to be out quite soon, but since they needed some additional polish, we kept it out of this build.

Lastly, we have some minor bugfixes to go along with this build.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your build!

Additional Improvements:

-- Added The Citadel pack to the Shop!

-- Added the Moon of my Life pack to the shop as a full pack.

-- Fixed a bug where the Lorebook would say @last_name for Volume You. It should now show your last name.

-- Minor text edits to some quests.

-- Fixed an issue where some quests were firing in the wrong order.


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