Build Notes - February 27, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!

It is ...


Now that is out of the way, today is the day that we are releasing our newest fealty, The Tullys of Riverrun! Pledge fealty to the noble house of Catelyn Stark, Brynden “The Blackfish” Tully, and Edmure Tully. Along with the new fealty comes a number of changes to the game for Tully:

—An entire new region for Alliance vs. Alliance combat! A new region with three more slots for camps is opened up, as are three new rewards for the region. This new region and rewards will first be available in the upcoming Ice phase.
—A new building for your holdings: the Fishery! Inside the Fishery are new recipes and items you can craft for your Sworn Swords.
—10 new Tully adventures!
—New Tully talents!
—New Tully-specific questlines!
—Dozens of new quests!
—A new Tully pack in the shop!

Our newest shop pack, “Family, Duty, Honor,” is your first chance to acquire some of the iconic Tully arms and armor. Get a guaranteed Tully shield and a chance at iconic pieces like the Blackfish Armor, Blackfish Gloves, and Tully seals! But don’t worry if you were waiting to get the Master of Coins pack, because it’s still present in the Deals tab.

Today also contains quite a few bugfixes and changes to the game to support Tully. Several reincarnation bugs have been squashed, including the nasty one that had some players lose items if they clicked on the button multiple times.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

Additional Improvements:
—House Tully has been added to the game as a playable Fealty!
—A new Tully-specific shop pack has been added. “Family, Duty, Honor” contains Tully items for you and your Sworn Swords. Get it for the first time this week!
—10 new Tully adventures have been added across Volumes I, II, and III.
—The Fishery has been added. The Fishery contains new recipes and items based on the Tullys.
—A new talent page for the Tully fealty has been added.
—Implemented new stats related to the Wolf Phase AvA rewards.
—Added new rewards, goals, and phase information for the next phase of AvA, the Ice phase. This will be hidden until the Ice phase begins.
—Fixed a bug where seals equipped to items on a character were not updating the character when equipped. Seals slotted into your character’s items will now correctly apply to your stats.
—Fixed a bug where some titles were not being kept through reincarnation.
—Updated the sell price for the Children of the Forest Bow.
Updated Recipe Balance:
* Saboteur Recipe - removed requirement of Blindeye
* Valuable Prisoner Recipe - increased # of Saboteurs to 2 (from 1)
* Pikeman - reduced # of Militia and Pikes to 1 each (from 3 each)
* Elite Phalanx - reduced # of Phalanx to 2 (from 3)
—Fixed an exploit situation where quests remained completable after the initiating character reincarnated or restarted.
—Fully fixed the bug where items could be lost during reincarnation or restart.
—Added spinning gears to reincarnation and restarting as an extra precaution to prevent mass-clicking of the reincarnate and restart buttons.
—Fixed an issue where daily rewards were being reset after a player reincarnated or restarted.
—Fixed a bug where some achievements that were awarded based on either a number of consecutive days played, or total days played, were not preserved across characters.  This included: If I Look Back I Am Doomed, Perhaps We Are Doomed If We Press On, But I Know For a Certainty We Are Doomed If We Turn Back, The Strings of Those Before Us; Every Flight Begins with a Fall, Hottest Fires Burn Out the Quickest, and One Who Hurries Through Life Hurries to Their Grave.
—Fixed an error that was preventing PtP actions from resolving.
—Updated credits.


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